This blog is all about busting myths… is there a freelancer fee? Is there a client fee? Do both freelancers and clients pay a fee?

We’re here to clear up any misconceptions and bust some myths! 

What Fee?

We do charge a fee, but it is charged to our clients not our freelancers. 

Clients are charged a 15% fee on top of your rate. You should keep this in mind when negotiating your hourly or fixed rate with your potential clients.

How Does the Fee Work?

When you are scouring the jobs board looking for the perfect fit, you can see all of the project details, skill set needed, location preferences, client’s budget, etc.

On the Job Board, the client’s budget includes the 15% fee. So, you will be paid 15% less than the client’s maximum rate. 

How to do the math: In order to get the client rate, take your desired rate and divide it by 0.85. The incorrect way is to take 15% of the freelancer rate and add it to the client rate. 

  • Correct Example: Take your desired rate $85/hour freelancer rate divided by 0.85 = $100/hour client rate. $100- 15% is $85.
  • Incorrect Example: $85 * 0.15 = $12.75...$12.75 + $85 = $97.75. As you can see, it does not come out to $100

Negotiating Rates 

We know that not every rate is going to be your cup of tea. Luckily, you can discuss hourly or fixed rates with your clients before being hired by them. 

There is a way to know if a client is willing to negotiate with you. Our jobs board allows for a client to show that their budget is flexible.

All you have to do is let the client know in your introduction email that you would like to negotiate with them. Then you can discuss it during the interview with the client. 

Remember to keep that 15% fee in mind while negotiating.


We hope this blog clears up any confusion regarding the client fee on FreeUp and how it affects our freelancers. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact!