Freelancers and agencies have a lot of flexibility on how they decide to bill on the FreeUp platform. 

Here are some options that freelancers and agencies are using successfully. 

Hourly Rates

1. One hourly rate:

This is the default for all freelancers and agencies on the platform. 

2. Multiple hourly rates: 

We can set freelancers and agencies up with different rates for different services and/or different rates for them verses their team. 

For example, a freelancer can charge $50/hour when they personally perform the work and $30/hour when their team does the work. 

Some clients like this set up because it saves them money and benefits the freelancer at the same time.

Fixed Prices

1. By hours: You can agree to a fixed amount of hours instead of a fixed dollar amount for any given project. 

For example, you and a freelancer agree to a total fixed price of $100. Their hourly rate is $10/hour. They can simply bill you for 10 hours through their account for the fixed price of the project. 

2. Pre-set a fixed price: Agree to a set fixed price between you and the freelancer. 

If you and the freelancer agree on a pre-set fixed price, ask them to submit a Fixed Price Proposal to you through their account. 

Once they have submitted it, you will be able to view it on your request. 

If all of the details are correct, you can then accept the fixed price proposal and the freelancer will be hired to your account at the fixed price. 

The fixed price amount will be billed to you on the next billing period and you will be good to get started working with the freelancer at that fixed price rate. 

Other Payment Options

1. Bonus payments: Anything like percentage of sales or percentage of advertising spend is treated as a bonus and is not protected by FreeUp.

If you're interested in hiring someone and paying them according to a percentage of sales or percentage of ad spend, you are welcome to do that and it will be processed as a bonus through the FreeUp Marketplace. 

If you want to set it up this way, email with the amount, CC the freelancer, and ask them to confirm. 

Once it is approved on both sides, the FreeUp Accounting Team will process the charge. 

You can also use the bonus feature to give a bonus to the people you've been working with. 

Go to the Freelancers page of your account, click on the three dots for the freelancer you want to reward a bonus, enter the amount, and the FreeUp Accounting Team will process the bonus. 

If you have a different way you want to bill, let us know. We want you to be able to run your business however you want.