No matter how hard you try, you will always run into problems in your career. Chances are you may run into some issues with the clients you work with on and/or off of FreeUp. 

That’s why we’re using this blog to cover the most common client issues our freelancers run into on FreeUp and how to avoid them. 

Not Responding Within One Business Day

Freelancers not responding to their clients within one business day is the most common issue on FreeUp. Our rule of thumb is that our freelancers can respond to their clients within one business day. This is also a policy within our Terms of Use. 

How can you make sure you live up to this policy? Here are a few ways you can set yourself up for success: 

  • Send an introduction email to your client as soon as you get the matched email from FreeUp
  • If you can’t respond right away, set a “nudge” on your Gmail account to remind yourself to respond later 
  • Track the jobs you have applied for in a project management app like Asana

Remember, you are hurting yourself by not responding to clients within 1 business day. Slow response time can turn clients away. Alternatively, another freelancer may respond quicker and the client will be more inclined to hire that freelancer. 

Quality Issues

This issue goes back to the previous section - communicating. Here are a few ways quality issues go back to communication: 

  • Do not apply for jobs that you do not have the right skills for. Remember, FreeUp is not a place to “practice” or “try” new skills. You should only be advertising skills you are an expert or extremely experienced in. 
  • If the client asks you to take on more than you originally agreed upon, please reach out to the FreeUp Support team so we can help mediate.
  • Communication is key. Provide your clients with consistent updates and ask them for feedback. This will help guarantee no bad surprises later on. 

You should be defining these points at the beginning of the project. If you end up not being the right match for the client’s job, that’s okay as long as you’re communicating honestly with your client. However, it will not work out if you simply aren’t qualified. 

This is a two-way street. If the client asks you to go beyond the initial scope and you don’t feel comfortable, please loop the FreeUp support team in to help. 

Billing Disputes 

Billing is definitely a topic you should discuss with your clients before you start work. 

You should discuss the following with your clients beforehand:

  • You should know the expected hours and productivity
  • Determine the scope, hourly rate, and hours and get it in writing, even if it’s an email. You may need it later

If you do end up working outside of the initial agreement and charge the client for it, they have the right (and probably will) contest it. Additionally, if you do not meet the productivity goals set at the beginning, they can and probably will contest the billing. 

This situation can go both ways. Clients may ask you to complete tasks outside of your initial agreement. If this is the case, make sure you tell the client you need more hours before you charge them. Again, get a written agreement from the client, even if it is just an email. An email is preferable to a phone or video call because you have it in writing

If the client asks you to complete tasks outside of your skillset or available time, communicate with the client and FreeUp about the situation. 

The FreeUp team takes billing issues very seriously. With that being said, please try to avoid them on your own at all costs. 

Dropping Clients 

Can you “drop” or “fire” a client? 

If you and your client are experiencing issues, you must fill out the Client Change Request Form. Please be sure to share all relevant information so we can help both you and the client. If the client has violated FreeUp’s Terms of Use, please contact FreeUp Support immediately. 

You should never have a conversation with a client about not being able to continue to work for them. FreeUp will mediate situations like this. 

If a client is being abusive or offensive, let us know as soon as possible. This is not acceptable behavior on the FreeUp platform. We will mediate and investigate the situation. 

The Bottom Line

All of these situations can be avoided by communicating with your clients clearly and honestly. 

The FreeUp Support team is here to provide 24/7 support to both freelancers and clients.