Yes! We're glad that you asked. FreeUp has an amazing referral program that many freelancers and clients tap into as an additional source of income/saving money through the FreeUp platform. 

For all clients that you refer, you are paid $0.50 for every hour that they bill for the first 180 days of their account.

All referral earnings will be recorded on each weekly billing period so you can see how much you are earning. 

To refer clients, you can use the unique Referral URL located in the Referrals section of your FreeUp account.  

How Can I Access the Referral URL?

Go to your FreeUp Dashboard > Refer FreeUp > Access your referral URLs

Provide your Affiliate Link from the Your client Referral URLs section.

To make it easier for your referral to sign up, make sure to provide the FreeUp Sign Up page link. If they want to get more information about FreeUp, give them the FreeUp home page link.

You can also view your Referral Earnings through this page.

To learn more about the program, click here: FreeUp Referral Program.