FreeUp does work with agencies as well as individual freelancers. 

FreeUp has seen the most success with smaller, independently owned agencies where the owner is still involved in the work. 

On the other hand, FreeUp hasn't seen the same positive results when working with a sales rep from a larger agency. 

We recommend that the owner of the agency be the only one offering their services through the marketplace for the first few months so that they can get used to FreeUp before adding in other freelancers. 

This is a great trial period where FreeUp can see if the agency can follow FreeUp's Terms of Use. 

As an agency, the owner is ultimately responsible for all communication with clients and work being completed. There is no tolerance for blaming other people in the agency to avoid issues.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Account?

You do not need to upgrade to an Agency FreeUp account if you are an agency working as a freelancer with FreeUp already. 

When starting an agency, you are responsible for the people inside your agency. You are welcome to create a client account and hire freelancers from the marketplace or bring your own talent into your agency. 

Make sure you carefully vet the people you use in your agency. You are responsible for the agency and the client's happiness. 

Keep In Mind...

FreeUp is quick to remove Agencies and their owners who do not have a high level of quality control. Communication, hitting deadlines, and transparency are key to having a successful agency on the FreeUp marketplace. 

Per the FreeUp Terms of Use, you cannot tell a client you are doing the work if it is really talent from your agency that will be performing the work. You must be transparent and upfront about it.

Another thing to keep in mind is clients do not like it if you just pass off work to someone else and mark it up.  Really think of what value you are adding as the agency owner.  This is the key to having happy clients and avoiding complaints.

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