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Virtual assistant jobs are quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing career options across the globe. Our FreeUp freelancer, Kris, has taken it to the next level by harnessing her skills as not only as an eCommerce VA but also as a project manager and customer service VA.

Let’s take a look at what makes Kris such a star freelancer here at FreeUp, and what it takes to become a freelance VA! 

Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Kris and I am based in the Philippines. I love camping, trekking, and spending time with nature. 

I also love going to different beaches, island hopping, swimming, and other water activities. Whenever I get tired of doing those activities, I would spend time reading books while drinking coffee, it’s a fun thing to do after a week of hustling!

Tell Us About Your eCommerce VA and Customer Service Freelancing Business

I’ve been in the freelancing world since 2017 mostly offering Customer Support and Order Fulfillment roles.

There are lots of other skill sets out there, but I’m really passionate about helping people, hence I chose to do freelance work - to help out clients’ small and growing businesses and provide a top-notch customer experience. 

While searching for a long-term client, I explored other skill sets and learned Bookkeeping, Logistics, Inventory Management, and Amazon Private Label. Learning new skills is my passion and the challenge it gives me keeps me going.

What Do You Love the Most About Freelancing With FreeUp?

Joining FreeUp and focusing on getting clients here was the best decision I made in my freelancing career. I’ve always felt the internal team’s support and FreeUp feels like a family. 

Unlike any other platform, FreeUp really listens to its clients and freelancers. A real conversation that fully addresses whatever inquiry we have. 

What Are the Most Important Things You’ve Learned Since Freelancing?

Working with a client is always a never-ending learning experience and the most important thing when finishing a project is to learn something from it - may it be behavioral or technical learning. 

After years of experience, I learned to love accounting, as well as Amazon/Shopify store management. There’s always one thing that I ask my clients to do for me - be fully transparent with me. 

If I know what they want, how they think, and what they are thinking, it will be easier for me to deliver the services or fulfill tasks the way they want them done. I believe that’s the secret to a productive and strong working relationship.

What Is The Key to Client Success in Your eCommerce VA and Customer Service VA Freelancing Business?

If you are looking to become a freelance VA, I advise that communication, transparency, and integrity are the main recipes for a successful client-freelancer relationship. If both parties have open communication and are transparent with each other, they can always overcome any issues that may arise and this will help improve whatever process needs improvement.

What Are Some Things You Like to Discuss With Clients Who Are Looking For an Amazon VA or General VA During Initial Interviews?

I always look at the client’s attitude. The questions that I never fail to ask my prospective clients are: 

  • “What are the things you do not want with a freelancer?”
  • “How do you want the work done?”
  • “What are your expectations with your next hire?”

If clients are setting their standards for prospective freelancers, I also have my own qualifications that a client should meet before we move on to the hiring process. 

No matter how good you are, if you are not a good match, it will be difficult for both parties to have a harmonious working relationship.

What Advice Do You Have for Other Freelancers Just Getting Started on the FreeUp Platform?

Be yourself while maintaining professionalism. Never stop learning and always have open communication with the client. Do not apply to jobs you are not passionate about. 

The results will always reflect how happy you are with what you are doing. Make the client happy, and treat their business like your business. Make them feel important like a “wife” - happy wife, happy life.

Can You Share a Client Success Story?

My very first client in FreeUp was a very stubborn and very hard-to-please client. He will always ask questions about why you did what you did. 

It was very stressful at first, but I really wanted for it to work out for us so I’ve been very patient and I tried to always understand where he’s coming from. We agreed to have an everyday one-on-one meeting for us to know more about each other. 

After the adjustment phase, I learned that it’s just difficult for him to trust other people easily so he wanted to micro-manage. I gave in to what he wanted at first, I showed him how I do my tasks every day to assure him that he can trust me, that he can sleep peacefully knowing that I am in charge and will always get the work done.

Full transparency is the key, as well as open communication with the client and integrity. Trust is something that people earn so you have to do your best to get that.

Being a Freelance eCommerce VA or Customer Service VA Is Simple With FreeUp!

If you are looking for more on how to become a virtual assistant then look no further! FreeUp has thousands of clients looking for freelancers to help with everything from digital marketing to Amazon VA’s and beyond! 

Use the links below to connect with Kris to hire, or apply to start your freelancing career today! 


Hire Kris Here Or Apply to Be a Freelancer