If you are a veteran freelancer, odds are you’ve got your pricing down pat. 

If you’re new to the platform, it can be confusing to figure out how to incorporate your fixed pricing. You may be thinking, “How can I submit my own fixed pricing on FreeUp?” 

Have no fear, I am here-- to walk you through setting up your fixed price on FreeUp. 

How to Set Up Your Fixed Price on FreeUp

We understand that it can be confusing to see where your fixed price fits in when you see the client’s budget on the job details when you are applying. 

Something to keep in mind while negotiating with your clients is the FreeUp fee. Clients pay a 20% fee on top of your hourly rate and fixed price. So, you will be paid 20% less than the client rate.  

For fixed prices, give the client the total fixed rate including the FreeUp fee. 

How to do the math: In order to get the client rate, take your desired rate and divide it by 0.80. The incorrect way is to take 20% of the freelancer rate and add it to the client rate. 

  • Correct Example: Take your desired rate $80/hour freelancer rate divided by 0.80 = $100/hour client rate. $100- 20% is $80.
  • Incorrect Example: $80 * 0.20 = $16.00...$16.00 + $80 = $96.00. As you can see, it does not come out to $100

Submitting Your Fixed Price Proposal 

If you come across a ticket that you would like to submit a fixed pricing proposal for, you must be picked for the job ticket first. You will apply for the job like normal. 

Once you have been picked for the job ticket, you can proceed to submit a fixed pricing proposal to the client. 

If you have already been matched to the ticket, log onto your FreeUp account and go to your Requests page. Click on the request that you would like to submit a fixed pricing proposal for. You will see all of the job ticket details and the Submit a fixed price proposal button. 

Fill in the details: 

  • Choose the type of fixed price job you are setting up
    • One-time project, weekly/ongoing billing, or monthly ongoing billing
  • Enter the client rate
  • Detail important project details so the client knows which job ticket you are referring to

Last, but not least check the box agreeing to the details you’ve finished entering. Then, click Submit! 

Next Steps

Once the proposal has been submitted, you and the client will receive an email with the details of the proposal. 

The client has two options:

  1. Accept the fixed pricing proposal 
    1. If this occurs, you will be hired at the negotiated rate and you can start working! 
  2. Renegotiate the fixed pricing proposal
    1. If this occurs, you and the client will renegotiate

Create an Agreement Before Starting Work

Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to get to work. But don’t get too ahead of yourself. 

It is crucial to create an agreement with your client before starting to work on their project. Why is it so important?

  • If the client contests the tasks you’ve completed or the billing
  • If you want to “drop” a client, you need the initial agreement 
  • For your own organization purposes

If you discover during your interview or discovery call that the scope of the project is bigger and it originally was on the job board. You may renegotiate with the client before starting work. Make sure you have a written agreement before continuing. 

The More You Know

Now you have the know-how to be even more successful! You can always email support@freeup.net or accounting@freeup.net for help.