We’ve all heard the stats…There are almost 60 million freelancers in the United States alone, but what about the stats and trends you don’t know? 

With freelancing becoming such a booming industry, it’s up to the freelancer community to identify what’s working and what’s got to go! Otherwise, freelancing will lose the things that make it such an amazing career choice: Freedom, Flexibility, and of course…Lot’s of money to be made! 

So, let’s take a look at the freelancing trends in 2022 that are in… and those that are out! 

Freelancing Platforms: In

As freelancers, you work independently, but that doesn’t have to mean working alone! At the inception of modern freelancing, it was very much a wild wild west approach. Clients and freelancers existed, both in need of what the other one had to offer but no streamlined approach for making a connection.

Jump to 2022 and there are now dozens, if not more, solutions for freelancers to find clients and get to work. Freelancing platforms like the FreeUp Marketplace offer premium services for both freelancers and their clients. For example, all clients and freelancers go through a pre-vetting process to ensure that everyone on the platform is the real deal. 

Furthermore, the FreeUp Platform is streamlined and intuitive, making it easier than ever for freelancers to manage their clients, billing, and online profiles. Freelancing on a platform offers protections for freelancers that they wouldn’t otherwise have if worked on their own, so making the transition is a 2022 no-brainer! 

Lack of Payment Options: Out 

In the past, freelancing has caused stress for freelancers and clients alike. The question “how do I pay you?” is still regularly included in the freelancer interview process, however, now, more than ever, there are options!

For the independent freelancers out there, the Square Platform offers a simple and free(ish) solution. The platform offers free templates for freelancers to create their own contracts for their clients and a safe and easy space to process payments. 

Other freelancing hiring platforms now have a variety of options for their freelancer’s clients to use for payments. Everything ranging from adding their bank details to processing with Paypal is available to the clients of freelancers, so no more cash wiring, checks in the mail, or carrier pigeons!  

Working From Home: Out and In

Are you scratching your head wondering what we mean? Don’t worry, we’ll explain! Freelancers working from home make up 86% of the freelancer workforce. With that being said, being glued to your couch at home has turned out to be alarmingly similar to being glued to your desk at the office! 

That is why around 40% of freelancers are splitting their time between home and some other unique work locations. Some options included places like libraries, local coffee shops and cafes, remote locations, and co-workspaces. 

The point is that freelancers are starting to realize the importance of flexibility. A primary draw to freelancing as a career is to break free of monotony, so this year, freelancers are getting creative with their office views! However, always keep in mind that the house couch-desk is a comfort that sometimes you can’t beat.

Making the Choice to Freelance in 2022

Now that you know some of the freelancing trends in 2022 that are in and out you should consider auditing your current process! As a freelancer, you are in control of your growth, so don’t wait for next year’s trends… Make the change today! 

Freelancing is the way of the future… So if you’re not already on board, it’s time to jump on! Visit our site today to learn more about becoming a freelancer and taking your career to the next level!