FreeUp has released a recent update to the system called “Freelancer Badges”.

Here at FreeUp, we always want to be transparent about what goes into both our freelancer and client experiences + updates.

Let’s get into it!

What Are Freelancer Ratings + Badges?

Freelancer ratings and badges are a new release by FreeUp to help our top freelancers on the platform be recognized and stand out to their clients.

Your freelancer badges are now displayed on your FreeUp profile.

There are 3 levels of freelancer badges:

  1. Rising Star
  2. Top Talent
  3. Top Talent Plus

What Goes Into a Freelancer’s Rating?

There are several points that go into a freelancer’s rating on the FreeUp platform:

  1. How long the freelancer has been on the platform.
  2. How many hours the freelancer has billed on the platform.
  3. If the freelancer has had any client issues.
  4. How recently the freelancer has billed a client (how active they are).

FreeUp uses a formula to calculate a freelancer rating which then freelancers receive a badge based on their status compared to other freelancers on the platform.

  • Top Talent Plus = Top 30% of Freelancers on the Platform
  • Top Talent = 30% – 70% of Freelancers on the Platform
  • Rising Stars =  0% – 30% of Freelancers on the Platform

It’s important to note that all freelancers go through a strict vetting process to get onto the FreeUp platform. The freelancer badges simply represent the freelancers experience level on the FreeUp platform and is not indicative of their qualifications as a whole.

Why Did We Implement Freelancer Ratings?

The freelancer badge system is meant to provide a better experience for both freelancers and clients.

Experienced freelancers on the platform are now recognized for their client success.

Clients are now able to see which freelancers they are matched with have had success on the platform previously.

If you have any feedback at all about the freelancer badge system, we’d love to hear it!

You can provide any feedback you have here: FreeUp Freelancer Badge Feedback Form