As a freelancer, you might ask yourself every now and then - how can I spice up my FreeUp Profile in order to stand out? We all can get in a creative rut sometimes. But, have no fear, the FreeUp Success team is here with all of the tips to get those creative juices flowing. 

In this guide, we will outline our hot tips on creating the best profile. 

How to Create a Profile That Will Impress Clients

Your FreeUp profile is often where clients will get their first impressions of you. Clients can see your profile once you are matched to their job tickets. 

This first impression can be a deciding factor in the client’s next steps - whether they want to proceed with an interview or move on to another candidate.

Because of this, your profile needs to be accurate, highlight your skills, education, and past experiences. 

What Makes a Great Profile Picture?

One of the first things that will catch a client’s eye on your profile is your picture.

What makes the perfect profile picture?

  • A head-on shot helps establish trust
  • Square dimensions will result in the best looking photo
    • 500px by 500px
    • 1000px by 1000px
  • Simple, non-distracting background
  • Clear resolution 
  • Professional attire 

How Do You Create an Informative Title?

Your profile title should be just as eye-catching as your profile picture. 

So what comprises an informative title?

  • It should clearly state what jobs you are able to accomplish at first glance 
  • Should state the general job types you can do 
  • Don’t just list specific skills and tools. These can be listed later in your profile

Optimizing Your “About” Section

Your “About” section is your first introduction to potential clients. Think of it as your “elevator pitch.” 

Here are some best practices: 

  • Briefly talk about yourself and the core services you provide
  • How you work - communication process, how you run your business, working habits, etc. 
  • Avoid using text blocks - make it look neat and orderly with white space to separate different section

Links and Contact Information

This section is so important! 

Professional links, like LinkedIn, are a great way for clients to see your work history as well as professional connections. Do not share links to other freelancing platform's profiles.

Your contact information should include: 

  • An official and professional work email address 
  • Calendly Link

Portfolio/CV Download

Portfolios may not be needed for every industry, but they are especially important for freelancers in the graphic design, web design, and voice talent industries.

Without a portfolio or CV, a client may pass on you because it restricts their ability to research the freelancer’s work prior to an interview. 

All freelancers who speak on the phone as part of their tasks, or offer voice talent, should upload a voice sample to their profile. 

There are two options you can choose in order to upload an audio file on your FreeUp profile: 

  1. Upload a lossless audio file (.WAV format) that can be opened by potential clients without any special software. This option would have to be hosted in a cloud that then will redirect the link to your profile 
  2. A simple .mp3 file that you can store in the FreeUp database by directly adding it to your profile. The hard file limit is 15 MB which is sufficient for an opening spiel of less than 3 minutes. If you record with your iPhone, the file size is less. 

This isn’t a requirement, but it will help create a more desirable profile if you are seeking roles that involve phone or voice communication (sales, appointment-setting, phone customer service, voice talent). 

The Tools Section

This section is where you can show off the tools you have mastered. This will help clients decide if you can handle their project with the required software or tools. 

Again, it's up to you what tools you would like to advertise on FreeUp. The more you add, the more clients you will be introduced to! So, the more the merrier! 

Work History and Past Projects

If a client has made it to this point of your profile, there is a good chance they will want to take a peek into your work history. This section is where you can really show off. 

How to show off your work history:

  • Only include past work that ties into the skills you are offering
  • Include at least 2 sentences summarizing the job in an efficient, but clear fashion
  • Always include time periods

Degrees and Certifications

Use this section to showcase your formal education related to your freelance work. You should include: 

  • College Degrees
  • Masters, PHD, and other higher education degrees
  • Industry certifications
  • Bootcamps
  • Completed online courses

Extra points if you include dates these degrees or certifications were received. 

Check out our helpful video here:

Go Do Your Thing

Now you know the secret to creating the best profile to get you hired! If you have any questions or want a FreeUp team member to review your profile, please reach out! We are always happy to help.