We’ve covered what makes a FreeUp profile great. One thing we did not cover is: how do you advertise different skill sets on one profile?

Freelancers are known to have a diverse set of skills which can potentially make your profile look a bit confusing and overwhelming to clients. 

Maybe you are a graphic designer and an SEO specialist; how can you clearly show a new client who you are and what you can do?

How to Correctly Advertise Multiple Skill Sets

Your profile and proposal is a crucial part of the matching process for our FreeUp internal team members. Your profile is often where clients will get their first impressions of you as well as our ticket matching team members. 

Because of this, your profile needs to be accurate and highlight your skills, education, and experience. 

Your Proposal and Profile Should Match

It may seem like a no brainer, but Ticket Matchers often notice a freelancer mentioning a skill in their proposal not listed in their profile. 

Any skill set for which you would like to use on FreeUp should be listed somewhere on your profile as well as your downloadable resume. 

Remember, potential clients do not see your proposal. If your proposal mentions a skill not shared in your profile, a potential client will not know you offer the specific expertise they're looking for. 

A Clear and Informative Title 

For freelancers with multiple skill sets, it all comes down to your title. Your title should make it clear what knowledge you can offer to clients at a quick glance.

What makes a clear and informative title?

  • It should clearly state what jobs you are able to perform at first glance
    • You could separate job titles with a common or | 

  • Remember, do not just list specific skills as this can be done in the Skills Section 

A Detailed “About” Section

Your “About” section is your introduction to potential clients. Here you can let them know you’ve got multiple tools in your belt ready to help a multitude of clients. 

Here are some best practices: 

  • Briefly talk about yourself and the core services you provide
  • Avoid using text blocks - make it look neat and orderly with white space to separate different skill set sections


Use professional links like LinkedIn to show your work history, professional connections, and most importantly, your marketable skills. 

Again, do not share links to other freelancing platforms profiles.

Portfolio/CV Download

Having a downloadable resume/portfolio is extremely important for a freelancer in any industry. Clients can download and thoroughly peruse at their leisure to make sure you are the right fit. 

Make sure you include all skill sets you are marketing on your FreeUp profile. 

Listing Your Skills

This section can give a client a good idea of all the different ways you can help them with their project and business. 

It is up to you what skills you would like to advertise to clients on FreeUp. Personally, we think the more the merrier! Make sure you are listing skills that directly relate to the expertise listed in your title. 

Adding Tools

This section is where you can showcase the tools you have mastered. This will help clients decide if you can handle their project with the required software or tools. 

Again, it's up to you what tools you would like to advertise on FreeUp. The more you add, the more clients you will be introduced to! 

Work History and Past Projects

This section is where you can show a potential client that you are an expert in your field(s). 

How to show off your work history:

  • Only include past work that ties into the skills and expertise you are offering
  • Include at least 2 sentences summarizing the job in an efficient, but clear fashion 
  • Always include time periods

Degrees and Certifications

Use this section to showcase your formal education related to your freelance work. You should include: 

  • College Degrees
  • Masters, PHD, and other higher education degrees
  • Industry certifications
  • Bootcamps
  • Completed online courses

Go Market Yourself

Now you know how to correctly market all of your areas of expertise on your profile! Go ahead and apply for all of the job tickets you can.