Whether you are a pro at hiring freelancers or this is your first time, it is important to know the distinction between ticket statuses on the FreeUp Marketplace Client Dashboard. Throughout your time with us, you will hopefully submit dozens of job requests with us, so we want to make sure you have full transparency regarding the process. 

So let’s take a look at our ticket statuses and what they mean!

What Is a “Ticket” Anways? 

Here at FreeUp, we have our clients submit a job request in order to be matched with freelancers on our platform. These job requests are often referred to as tickets by our team. 

Why do we have you create these tickets? Great question! We have done our best to streamline the hiring process from start to finish. We feel that getting to know our client’s unique project needs and goals upfront helps us find the perfect fit right away. 

By creating your job request first, you save yourself the time of sorting through dozens of candidates with little to no experience related to your needs. The job request (ticket) form asks a series of questions that help our internal matching team find you candidates that are pre-vetted, qualified, and ready to start right away! 

Ticket Statuses From Open to Closed

We like to keep things simple and streamlined at FreeUp, and we always make sure our clients have full transparency regarding their requests. How do we make sure this happens? Another great question! 

FreeUp has 24/7 support for our clients and freelancers alike. You can reach out to us via LiveChat, by emailing support@freeup.net, or by scheduling a call with a FreeUp Account Manager. In addition to these amazing support options, we use ticket statuses to keep you updated from the start of your request until the end. 

Here are the primary statuses you will need to know after your job request has been submitted: 


Once you have submitted your job request, you will be able to view the request by logging into your FreeUp Account. From there you will see the main page of your Client Dashboard and all of your job requests. 

A newly created job request will have the ticket status of NEW TICKETS. This ticket status means that your submission was successful and now our internal matching team will review your request to ensure all of the details required are on the request. 


Provided that all of the information on your request is approved, our internal matching team will then give the ticket an OPEN status. The OPEN status means that the request is now active and the freelancers in our network will be able to view the request and apply. 

Keep in mind that on occasion, our team may reach out to you for additional information regarding the job request. Giving as much context about the job upfront will better your chances of finding the right candidate for the job! 


If you see the job request marked with a FILLED ticket status it DOES NOT mean that you have settled on a final candidate or made a hire! The FILLED ticket status is simply our internal matching team's way of letting you know that we have sent over candidates for you to review. 

Generally, our team will send over between 2-6 candidates per job request at which time the ticket is marked as FILLED. Keep in mind that you can always request more candidates even if your status is FILLED. To do so, you will just need to click the “Add Another Candidate” button on your Client Dashboard or send a message to us via LiveChat or Email.


This is where the fun begins! When you have reviewed all of your candidates and found the right one, you can finally make your hire! All you will need to do is click on the “Hire at Hourly Rate” button attached to the freelancer you wish to work with. 

If you are working on a fixed-rate rather than hourly our support team will assist you with making the hire. Once it has been made official, the ticket status will then read HIRED. 

Please keep in mind that you do not need to hit the “Close Request” button after you have hired your freelancer. Hitting the “Close Request” button will not only close the request, but it will also remove the freelancer that you have hired from the request as well. 


The CLOSED ticket status is used for two different reasons: The first reason is because the project has come to an end and you have either closed the request on your own or reached out to us to close the project.

If you fill your request outside of the FreeUp Marketplace, feel free to mark the request as CLOSED.

The second reason your ticket status will read CLOSED is if our internal matching team deems the request outside of the scope of candidates we have. For example, at this time we cannot find freelancers for the following: 

  • Non-Remote Work
  • Commission Only Work
  • Paralegal Services
  • MLM Businesses 

At this time, these are just some of the services we cannot fill, however, we are always growing and changing! If you feel that your ticket was given the CLOSED status by mistake please read out to support@freeup.net that is why we are here! 

Managing FreeUp Job Requests Like a Pro

Now that you have an understanding of the FreeUp ticket statuses, it is time for you to create your job request! Our team is always ready to help so feel free to reach out to our support team at any time for guidance! 


Still have questions? We have answers! Click here to learn more about getting started with FreeUp today!