You receive the good news! After casting a few lines, you finally catch a FreeUp fish; the perfect client. Whether you are a FreeUp veteran or you are just starting on the platform, this can be a gray area for Freelancers and they tend to ask what they should expect next.

What are the following steps? What if the client doesn’t answer? How should I prepare for my interview?” We’ve all been there one way or another in our freelancing careers, am I right?

And look, I get it. The struggle is real. We are going to tackle this topic today. From getting matched to getting paid; let’s explore the FreeUp process a little.

Shall we?

The Process

Although needs can change depending on the industry, we have discovered specific trends when it comes to the hiring process with clients. Whether you are an artist, an accountant, or a blogger, these are the steps relative to all industries.

Getting Matched

Deep within the internal team of FreeUp lies the Ticket Matching Team, one of the most crucial cogs of the whole machine. The matching team ties freelancers to job requests based on skills applicable, past work history, etc.

The ticket matching team is present 24 hours, 7 days a week to make sure the freelancer and client tickets are flowing smoothly. After applying to a request, the team will determine if one is fit for the job before letting the freelancer introduce themself.

This vetting process is applied to make sure we are only adding the highest quality freelancers to a ticket, the top 1%. Usually, the team sends over 5-7 freelancers, but this can change depending on the job requirements.

How to increase your odds of being matched:

  • Craft a clean and informative freelancer profile
  • List all skills applicable in profile 
  • Use the proposal to your advantage
  • Pay attention to preferred locations and time zones listed by the client
  • Mind the client’s budget when negotiating

Not only will freelancers apply to tickets, but our awesome recruiting team will reach out to you for tickets as well. Therefore, we recommend being as thorough as possible when making your profile, so we can be aware of your skills and match you faster.

Introducing Yourself to the Client

Your first email to the client is KEY to setting yourself apart from the rest of the applicants. Here are some brief tips to an awesome first introduction email:

  • Customize the email to the client’s specific job request
  • Respond QUICKLY to get the first interview
  • Include a link and times which you are available to interview
  • It is FreeUp policy that you introduce yourself to the client within 24 hours of being matched

Okay, So What Now?

You patiently wait for a reply. We encourage clients to reach out to you quickly as possible. Some clients like to wait a few days to see and review all of their matches.

What Happens If They Don’t Answer?

You may gently follow up after one business day of no response.  After that, you can always reach out to FreeUp’s support to check the status of the ticket request. That’s what we’re here for!

If you do not hear from a client after a few business days, they may have decided to go in another direction.

The Interview

The interview is your time to shine! You may ask any questions you may still have about the job request, explain your personal onboarding process, and reiterate the rate you had in mind for the project.

If you would ever like interview or introduction email tips, just reach out to us at! We’re here to help. In the meantime, here are helpful interview hacks you can use:

  • Over-communicate and set expectations on what you can and cannot do for the client.
  • Come with questions prepared for the client as well.
  • Be on time and professional.
  • If a job request requires more work than what you originally thought, you can negotiate the cost of services. Please tell the client why the rate will be higher and what the new rate will be (be sure to negotiate including the FreeUp fees).
  • Once the client has approved the negotiated rate, get their approval in writing and send that to to update the job request for you.
  • Get all expectations and requirements of the client in writing. This will help you if there is ever a billing dispute.

Make Mad Money

Thank FreeUp Fam, for taking the time to become familiar with our hiring guide. Also, congratulations! You are now a pro at knowing the FreeUp hiring process for job requests. Now, you can confidently apply for any job you see fit without worry.

So, I wish you the best of luck, visit the job board and make that cheddar, baby!