One of the toughest parts of running a freelance business is finding clients. 

That’s where FreeUp comes in! Our marketplace is the best place for freelancers and clients to meet. However, it can still take time to find that perfect client and actually get hired. 

Pull out your pen and paper, cause this blog has all of the top tips you need to increase your chances of being hired!


Your FreeUp Profile can be a huge help to getting hired, but is often overlooked. Keeping it updated with relevant information will increase your chances of first being matched to a client and then being hired. 

Using our best practices, you can spice up your profile to get noticed by potential clients.

Introduction Emails 

Now that you have a perfect profile that will catch a client's attention, it’s time to perfect your introduction emails to your potential clients.

Remember, you will be able to access the client’s email address once you have been matched by our Ticket Matching Team! 

Here is a quick overview of our best practices for introduction emails: 

  • Always reach out as quickly as possible (we have data that proves faster communication helps freelancers get hired)
  • Craft each client’s introduction with relevant information and do not use copy/paste templated emails.
  • Use the client’s first name and be specific. Reference the client’s job request directly to show you’ve read and understood it
  • Make it clear to the client why you’re a good fit. Mention applicable past experiences, your portfolio, and/or tools crucial to the job ticket
  • Send a Calendly link and/or available interview times you have over the next few days
  • Remember a call to action! 

Interviewing With The Client

The interview with the potential client is your time to really stand out and show off your skills and experience. 

This is the time to iron out any questions you may have, rate negotiation, and job expectations. 

Here are some interview tips:

  • Over-communicate and set expectations on what you can and cannot do for the client.
  • Be prepared with questions for the client. 
  • Be on time and professional.
  • If a job request requires more work than what you originally thought, you can negotiate the cost of services. Please tell the client why the rate will be higher and what the new rate will be (be sure to negotiate, including the FreeUp fees).

Following Up After the Interview

After you rocked the interview, the nerve-wracking waiting game begins. You may be eager to speak to the client again. So when is it appropriate to do so? 

It is appropriate to email the client 1 or 2 business days following the interview.

Follow-Up Email

Your follow-up email after the interview should include the following: 

Craft each client’s introduction with relevant information and do not use copy/paste templated emails. 

All of these points are extremely important to helping you get hired. 

Apply, Apply, Apply! 

Use these tips to help you land jobs on FreeUp! If you have any questions or want more tips, don't hesitate to get in touch with your FreeUp Partner or email