FreeUp billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week. 

Each Thursday, you will receive a detailed invoice outlining the hours worked by freelancers you have hired and you will be charged using the primary payment method on your account. 

There are three payment method options on your FreeUp account:

1) Credit card: You can set up a credit card on your FreeUp account through FreeUp's secure Stripe payment portal.

2) ACH: You can set up an ACH bank account and save 1.1% on all invoices with FreeUp. All ACH payments are securely processed by Paysimple, a third party payment processor.

3) Retainer: this option is only available for international clients located outside of the US and requires a minimum retainer balance be maintained at all times. 

Your primary payment method will be charged each Thursday for all hours you've been billed from the freelancers you've hired to your account. 

You have 1 full week to dispute any charges that you've received on your invoice. All questions and disputes can be sent directly to 

Finally, you can view all hours billed by the freelancers you've hired on the Hours Billed page of your FreeUp account. 

If you ever have any questions about payments and billing, simply reach out to us via Live Chat or email us at

Always here to help!