When you become a client on the FreeUp Marketplace, you gain access to your FreeUp account. 

Simply go to Freeup.net and click "Log In" at the top. 

Inside your FreeUp account, you can submit a new request, view freelancers you hired, see rates/billing, check on your referral earnings, and much more.

Once you click "hire", the freelancer is added to your account. 

They can then start and stop billing whenever they work. They can also leave notes on the hours that they've completed for you so you have a reference of what was done. 

As a client, you can easily view all hours billed by freelancers and make sure they are right before being invoiced. 

There are two key features within your FreeUp account that help you stay in control of billing with freelancers.

Pause and Unpause feature:

First, navigate to the Hired Freelancers section of your account. In each freelancer card, you have the option to pause and unpause them whenever you want. When you click the Pause button, they will be notified and will not be able to bill anything until you Unpause them. Please note that if they already added time before you paused them, that time will still be billed.

Limit feature

Navigate to the Hire Freelancers section of your account. Within each freelancer card, you will see a button to "Set Weekly Hours Limit". This allows you to put a limit on the number of hours a freelancer can bill you per week. For example, enter 10 hours as the limit and the freelancer won't be able to log more than 10 hours each week. 


We hope that you love these features and that they help you manage the freelancers on your FreeUp account. 

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed. You can always email Support@freeup.net with your feedback on how the experience can improve!

Have an amazing day!