FreeUp freelancers are paid through a payment platform called Tipalti. This allows freelancers to receive payments via PayPal, eCheck, local bank transfer or ACH transfers. The Tipalti system will automatically display payment options to you based on your country of residence. 


ACH: USD $1.00

eCheck: USD $3.50

PayPal (Non-US Resident): USD $1.00 + 2% Up to USD $21.00

PayPal (US Resident): USD $1.00 + 2% Up to USD $2.00

The Tipalti portal is the source of truth for all fees.

Please note that when selecting Paypal, the 2% Paypal fee is charged by Paypal. This is Paypal’s payment fee structure and we do not keep any of this fee.

As a reminder, billing periods are Wednesday through Tuesday of each week and clients are charged each Thursday then freelancers get paid the following Wednesday.

For billing concerns feel free to reach out to