There are two options for freelancers to get paid through the FreeUp Marketplace. 

As a reminder, billing periods are Wednesday through Tuesday of each week and clients are charged each Thursday then freelancers get paid the following Thursday.

Option #1: PayPal

PayPal is the default payment method for freelancers. FreeUp uses mass payments to save freelancers money on normal PayPal fees. For Freelancers in the U.S, you are responsible for a 2% transaction fee, capped at $1 per payment. For Freelancers outside of the U.S., you are responsible for a 2% transaction fee with a maximum of $20.00 USD per payment, or the foreign currency equivalent of $20.00 USD. All currency exchanges are at the freelancer's own risk.

Option #2: Payoneer

With this option, payment is directed to your Payoneer account. You are responsible for all fees associated. The fee is $3 fixed per transfer (for any amount.) Freelancers are required to notify should they select this method. All currency exchanges are at the freelancer’s own risk. To save on fees, freelancers can choose to be paid every 2, 3, or 4 weeks.