While you are hiring freelancers on the FreeUp Marketplace at your own risk, billing and client information are taken very seriously at FreeUp.

As part of their access to the FreeUp Network, all freelancers have agreed in the FreeUp Terms of Use to keep all materials disclosed or received from clients confidential. 

In addition, the FreeUp Marketplace agrees to never ask a freelancer for client information or material except for in the dispute resolution context.

While there is not a 100% guarantee that this can be prevented, it is extremely difficult for freelancers to get into the network. 

The FreeUp Marketplace receives thousands of applicants each week and only takes the top 1% that have been vetted for access based on their skills, experience, and past client reviews. 

Each applicant is put through a screening process prior to being granted access which includes communication best practices.

There is a section within these best practices that directly addresses safeguarding Client information and recording and reporting hours billed for services provided.

Similarly, clients are always encouraged to exercise diligent and good faith efforts to notify freelancers of any sensitive, confidential and/or proprietary information that is being produced or which access to is being permitted in advance of any such production or access.

Once they are in the FreeUp Network, most absolutely love it and very much respect the clients they work with. 

Just like clients on the FreeUp Marketplace, freelancers love the platform because they don't have to interview all day to get a new project. 

Freelancers face limitations on access and, in some instances, a ban from the network for not following Marketplace Terms of Use. You are welcome to ask them to sign an NDA to further protect you.

If we can answer any other questions, just reach out!