To pass on a freelancer that you were introduced to for one of your Requests, first click the Requests button at the top of your account. Then click into the request you’re working on 

Within the request page, you’ll see the freelancer(s) that you were introduced to for the Request you submitted. 

To pass on a freelancer, locate the freelancers card and click the Do not hire this freelancer button and submit feedback on why that freelancer was not a good fit. 

Feedback is not required, but highly encouraged as it helps us to find you a better fit for the project/work. 

Confirm your want to pass on the freelancer and it will complete the action. 

The freelancer and FreeUp will both be notified about your decision and you will be introduced to someone else for the project/work, usually within 1 business day. 

If you have any issues while passing on a freelancer, feel free to get in touch via the Live Chat feature in your account or through

Hope this helps!