In this article, we'll explain how fixed pricing works through the FreeUp Marketplace and what you need to know as you get started with fixed pricing. 

Can I hire at fixed prices through FreeUp?

Yes! Once you've submitted a request and have been introduced to a freelancer, you can speak with them about completing the work on a fixed rate. Unless you requested fixed price in the request, the default introduction will be at an hourly rate set by the freelancer.

Keep in mind the FreeUp marketplace was originally set up up for hourly pricing only. Due to client and freelancer feedback, we have since added fixed pricing functionality and currently process many fixed price proposals and billings each week. We are always looking to make the process better and easier for everyone so please send any feedback that you have.

With regards to setting up a fixed price agreement, it's best to speak with the freelancer, understand what they'd charge for a fixed rate for the project, and come to an agreement of what works best for both of you. 

Once you've agreed upon a fixed rate for the request, the freelancer can submit a fixed pricing proposal to you through the software.

Only the freelancer can initiate fixed price on their side of the software. If they are unsure of how to submit a fixed pricing proposal, just have them contact FreeUp support and we will quickly help them set it up. 

How does a fixed pricing proposal work? 

After speaking with the freelancer and agreeing to a fixed rate for the work, the freelancer will go into their account and submit a fixed price proposal to you. 

Once they have submitted the proposal, you will (1) receive an email outlining the details of the proposal, and (2) be able to review the fixed pricing proposal from within your account. 

The ball is then in your court to accept or renegotiate the details of the fixed price proposal. 

How do I hire the freelancer at the proposed fixed price rate? 

Once you've received the fixed price proposal from the freelancer, you have two options.

A) Accept the fixed rate proposed
To do this, simply go into your account, go into the request for which you received the fixed rate proposal, click on the link to review the fixed price details, and click the Confirm and hire button. 

This will add the freelancer to your account at the fixed price rate.

B) Renegotiate the fixed rate
If you do not agree with the fixed rate details that the freelancer sent to you, you can reach out to them to discuss and clarify the proper terms. 

Once on the same page, the freelancer will resubmit the fixed price proposal to you. You can then Confirm and hire from within your account. 

How do I start working with a freelancer on a fixed rate?

Once you've hired the freelancer to your account at the fixed rate, you are welcome to get them started on the project. 

Set up a call, onboard them with further details about the project, set clear expectations, and have them get to work :) 

How am I billed for fixed pricing rates?

The fixed price amount that you agreed to with the freelancer will be billed 100% upfront and we will hold the money in escrow.

If you have a special set up with the freelancer such as milestones for payment, email us at and CC the freelancer sharing the details that you've agreed upon. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the fixed rate that you were billed, you can reach out to us and we'll be glad to explain and help. The best place to contact is 

What if I want to end a fixed rate relationship?

We always suggest that you speak with the freelancer first in the case that there are any issues. Most of the time, the freelancer will do what they can to resolve any concerns and make it better to keep working with one another. 

If, for whatever reason, you want to end the fixed price relationship, you can always contact us via Live Chat, at, or at 

We'll gladly help you with your request and make sure that you have an amazing experience going forward.