Starting a freelance business can feel exciting and liberating. However, eventually you may start to feel isolated and maybe even a little lonely. 

Have no fear! There are ways to engage with others, stay connected, and have a sense of community.

Schedule Interactions

Being on phone calls, Zoom calls, and meetings all day everyday can get exhausting. But, having a balance between calls, in-person meetings, or mails could help you feel less isolated and lonely!

Scheduling weekly calls or meetings with your clients have several benefits: 

  • You’ll stay on track with your projects
  • Giving your clients regular updates will ensure the project goes smoothly 
  • Gives you interaction with other people 

It’s a win-win! 

On top of scheduling times to meet with your clients, don’t forget about getting coffee with a friend or family member. No one can work 8 hours straight a day without taking a break. Use your work break to get a coffee and catch up with a friend. 

Join a Freelance Community

Your friends and family may not fully understand what all freelancing entails. It is important to connect with others who understand what it is like to work for yourself. 

Joining an online community such as a freelance Facebook group or an online freelance marketplace like FreeUp. 

There are many Facebook groups dedicated to freelancer groups based on skillset or just general freelancing groups.