Do you need help contacting your client? Any questions pertaining to a ticket?

What if you and your client have a special request that needs to be addressed as soon as possible?

Get in touch with our Support Team!

There are different ways on how you can contact our Support Team.

Live Chat

Our Live Chat agents are ready to answer your questions 24/7.

To reach out to them, just go to the website or your dashboard and click the chat button. One of our chat representatives will address your concern as soon as possible.


Send in your questions or requests to via email:

  • Client or ticket related concerns
  • Profile changes, freelancer concern or ticket recommendations
  • Billing or payment concerns


Are you a part of our Slack community already? There are two Slack accounts available for you (depending on your location):

  • FreeUp International Freelancers
  • FreeUp USA Freelancers

You can reach out to one of the internal team members directly or post any questions that you have through the #freeup-questions channel.

If you haven’t already joined Slack, go join us now!

Have you tried contacting our FreeUp team? What’s the best way to reach out for you?