As a FreeUp freelancer, the Dashboard is your best friend.

You can use it to check your current billing information.

You can find your current projects and clients here.

You can apply the necessary changes to your profile or settings.

The job board can also be accessed from the dashboard.

To access the job board, just go to Projects then View the Project Board.

There are hundreds of job tickets up for grabs — with more getting added hourly.

To make it easier for you to find the projects that match not only your skills, but also your desired rate, the job board has filters.

You can sort and filter the projects depending on your preference. This includes the following:

  • The different skills available for a more relevant search
  • The client’s preferred location
  • The different client’s budget: You can set the min/max rates or choose between fixed or hourly projects
  • The length of the project: Is it a one-time task or a long term project
  • The client’s preferred availability
  • The number of freelancers that the client wants to be introduced to

How Can You Filter the Projects in the Project Dashboard?

  • The skills filter will show you the jobs that are related to the skill set that you have.
  • There are clients who are looking for freelancers from specific locations, particularly those from the United States, United Kingdom or Australia. To avoid being rejected to tickets who are only looking for Native English speakers, you can filter the location preference by clicking either Worldwide (Incl. USA, CA, UK, AUS) or USA, CA, UK, AUS.
  • Do you want to be introduced to higher paying projects only? You can use the “Sort by Budget” filter to set the minimum and maximum rate
  • If you have limited availability and can only take one-time tasks or you are looking for a full time client, you can choose your preferred project length: We have one-time tasks, short term (1 month or less), medium term (1 to 3 months) or long term (3+ months)
  • Do you only have a certain number of hours available to take in new projects? You can also search by the client’s preferred availability.

Before you apply to a project, make sure to read the project details thoroughly first! Ask yourself if:

  • Did I meet the qualifications and requirements set by the client?
  • Am I located in the client’s preferred country or location?
  • Is the client’s budget range within my acceptable rate?
  • Do I still have the availability required by the client?
  • Can I work within the client’s preferred timezone?

If your answer is YES to all of these questions, then this is the BEST ticket for you!

To increase your chances of being matched to this ticket, create a winning ticket proposal.

  • Summarize what the client is looking for so that the ticket matcher will know that you read and understand everything about the job post
  • Explain why you’re the best fit for the project. Share your experiences and portfolio related to the job
  • Always directly address the job post. If it’s for a website design, only share your experiences and portfolio related to web design
  • Share some additional details like your current availability
  • Answer the questions that the client highlighted in the ticket


Do you need help in looking for more tickets that best fit your skill set and availability? Reach out to your Partner today!