So, you've landed your first client... Congrats!

When getting started with a new client through the FreeUp Marketplace, there are some best practices that could help you in your relationship with them. 

We've included them below for your review:

1.) Establish communication guidelines together

Talk to the client and make sure you are on the same page with how you want to communicate on a daily and/or weekly basis. Choose which channels to use that works best for the both of you (Skype, Slack, email, phone, Zoom, etc.) and get on the same page. 

2) Agree to the hours/estimates in writing upfront.

Be as clear as possible with your clients so they don't feel over-billed. It's a best practice to get their approval in writing as well for all the hours worked so that you don't run into any issues down the line.  Don't let the client be surprised when they get invoiced. 

3) Start out slow

It can be tricky starting work with someone new. Everyone has different preferences and ways of working. It's a best practice to take a few test projects to learn more about one another and make sure that they are happy with your work. From there, you can get rolling. 

4) Lay out when you'll be working on the project

Talk to the client about the times that you'll be working on their project so that they know when you'll be on and can communicate with you if they want to. 

5) Talk about how the FreeUp billing works

All clients may not know exactly how the FreeUp billing works, especially new clients. It can be useful to quickly chat about it so you're both on the same page. 

As a reminder, billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week. Clients are billed each Thursday, then freelancers are paid the following Thursday. 

Fixed prices are always charged to the client upfront.

Are you excited? We are!

We're super excited to have you a part of the FreeUp Marketplace and hope that these best practices are helpful as you land and start working with your first client. 

If you run into any situations where you have questions, feel free to reach out to us through Live Chat or on email at