Did you know the act of freelancing has been a part of our global culture since the 12th century? Each century the word has evolved to have a slightly different meaning, all the way to where we stand in 2022! 

Now, when people hear the word freelancer, it conjures images of laptop-toting work-from-home types who have seemingly infinite jobs…and possibilities right at their fingertips. But, what does the word freelancer mean to you? 

For us at FreeUp, the word freelancer represents the driving force behind our business. The freelancer team keeps FreeUp in never ending motion, which is why supporting that team is so important to us all. 

So, let’s take a look at how to make the FreeUp Marketplace work for you! 

Getting Started With FreeUp

Studies show that 73% of people seeking a job are stressed over the entire process. Luckily for FreeUp freelancers, the process of getting hired is incredibly streamlined.FreeUp does have a rigorous pre-vetting process for candidates who want to freelance on the marketplace, but the steps to get there are clear and easy to follow. 

What makes the FreeUp hiring process so great for potential candidates is that the process is the exact same for every freelancer who applies…No favoritism or office politics! All candidates must pass the same Terms of Use and Best Practices overview, and all potential candidates go through a one-on-one interview process. The outcome leaves only the top 1% of candidates making it all the way into the FreeUp Marketplace…Not a bad line for your resume! 

The FreeUp Knowledge Base 

Although you are an independent freelancer, you’re not alone in the jobs you choose! FreeUp has tons of resources to help clients and freelancers alike during their time on the Marketplace. 

One of the most useful resources is the Knowledge Base which is a collection of hundreds of useful blogs, tips, and answers right at your fingertips curated by FreeUp. The Knowledge Base, or KB, can be used as a guide to give you insight on managing clients, acing interviews, and more. Simply search the keywords you would like to learn about, and all of the relevant resources will populate on the page. 

The Partner Program 

The Partner Program is one of the newest additions to the FreeUp Marketplace. The program is a free mentorship program for Freelancers on the platform. Every freelancer on FreeUp is partnered with a member of the success team. 

As a freelancer, your partner can help you revamp your FreeUp profile, find new jobs, review your client introductions, and more. In addition, your FreeUp partner is there as a coach to help you get the most out of your experience on the platform, so be sure to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! 

Freelancer Spotlights 

As we said, the FreeUp freelancers are one of the most important aspects of the FreeUp Marketplace, so making sure that star freelancers are recognized is essential. Our team has created the Freelancer Spotlights to help the best of the best showcase their talents in a blog post that gets published to FreeUp’s Website and sent out in the Weekly Newsletter. 

Freelancers who have shown exceptional skill, highly satisfied clients, and consistent work are interviewed about their work and given the opportunity to share their secrets to success! The Freelancer Spotlight gives the freelancer free advertising for prospective clients, and the spotlight can be shared with existing clients as well. 

How to Make the FreeUp Marketplace Work for You

Now that you know how to make the FreeUp Marketplace work for you as a freelancer, it’s time to start taking advantage of all the platform has to offer! There are so many freelancing tools that FreeUp makes available to the Freelancers on the team, but remember, if you can’t find what you need, the support team is always here to help! 

If you are ready to level up your freelancing game, then it might be time to start thinking about The FreeUp Agency Program. Click here to learn more