At FreeUp, our goal is to match freelancers to jobs that fit their skill set perfectly. There are a lot of moving parts that go into our matching process, and one of them is the jobs board. 

That being said, our FreeUp Development team built the jobs board with our freelancers in mind. 

In this blog, we will discuss how to utilize the jobs board to maximize your success on our platform using the jobs board, Slack and our FreeUp Partners. 

The Job Hunt 

The FreeUp Jobs board includes: 

  • A variety of industries for more relevant search
  • Enhanced sort by budget - set min/max rates, choose between fixed/hourly projects depending on your preference 
  • Sort by client’s preferred availability 
  • See which jobs you’ve already applied for so you can skip them



So, how can you use these features to your advantage? 

All of these amazing features will save you time scrolling through the jobs board. 

The industries filter will only show you the jobs related to your industry.

The “Sort by Budget” filter allows you to set your minimum/maximum rate and will only populate jobs within that rate. 

Only have a certain amount of hours available for new clients? No problem! Our jobs board allows you to search by the client’s preferred availability making sure your schedule aligns with theirs. 

Perhaps the best feature is that you can see what jobs you’ve already applied for so you can skip over them. 

Using Slack Alerts

Prefer being notified when there is a job ticket being posted in your industry? 

Slack to the rescue! 

When a job gets posted to the job board, the Slack chats are updated up to the second the job is posted. You can click the link and it will take you straight to the job posting. 

If a job posting has already been filled, the link will redirect you to the jobs board so you can continue the search for your next client. 

Receiving Outreach Emails

We have a dedicated team checking all the available tickets in our job board.

If they see that a ticket matches your skill set and experience, they'll reach out to you via email with all of the details about the project.

** Note: We'll change this. We’ll have an email outreach automation coming really soon! She’s getting a glow up!

Partner Program 

Our FreeUp Partners can also be utilized to help with your job search! 

If you are struggling to find jobs, you can reach out to your FreeUp Partner for help through Slack or email

Your Partner will consider your skills, industry, past experience, hourly rate, etc. before sending you jobs to apply for.

Dedicated To You

Our FreeUp Team and processes are dedicated to help you find a job that is a perfect fit for both you and the client.