To pause a freelancer from being able to bill hours on your FreeUp account, click the Freelancers button at the top of your account. 

On the Freelancers page, find the freelancer that you want to pause and click the “Pause” button. 

Confirm the pausing of the freelancer by selecting one of the options as to the reason why you are pausing them and clicking the green “Yes” button. 

This will effectively pause the freelancer on your FreeUp account. 

They will be notified via email and they will no longer be able to bill hours to your account. 

You will also see on the Freelancers page that the freelancer’s status has been changed to Paused. 

If you would like to unpause the freelancer at any time, simply click the “Unpause” button and you can reactive them for future projects/work. 

If you have any issues pausing or unpausing a freelancer, reach out to us through the Live Chat feature of your account or via email at