Payday is everyone’s favorite day of the week! 

So, how do you make sure your account is set up to accept payments as a new freelancer on FreeUp? We’ll walk you through the easy steps in this blog.

Payment Methods

Being a FreeUp freelancer means stress-free billing and payment. 

FreeUp pays freelancers through PayPal or Payoneer weekly on Thursdays. SingX is also available for freelancers located in the Philippines.

You do not have to worry about billing directly from your client as it is against the Terms of Service.

How To Set Up Your Preferred Payment Method

As a new freelancer, one of our team members will set up your account including your preferred payment method. Our team receives this information from our onboarding form. 

If you need to change it at any point, you can email 

Remember, once your payment method has been added, you don’t have to worry about billing your clients. We handle all of that for you! 

PayPal v Payoneer 

PayPal and Payoneer both have their pros and cons, but how do you know which service is best for you?

PayPal is possibly the most common online payment service offered. It is extremely common among freelancers and businesses. It supports 180 countries and 24 different currencies. 

Payoneer is overall similar to PayPal, however it supports 200 countries and 150 currencies. Another huge difference between the two is transfer fees. 

PayPal offers an instant transfer to your bank account as well as a free option which will take a few days to transfer. Payoneer charges recipients an average of $3 to transfer. 

Whatever service you choose to use can depend largely on your location. However, both are great options and are offered on FreeUp! 

Another Payment Method for the Philippines: SingX

For freelancers from the Philippines, SingX is another payment option to have.

But what sets it apart from PayPal and Payoneer?

  • You’ll receive payments directly to your bank account (based on our experience, it takes 24 hours for you to receive it)
  • The fee is a fixed rate of $2.5 + 0.50% conversion fee.
  • Compared to PayPal and Payoneer, they have the best conversion rate for freelancers earning $60 and above.

If you prefer this option, you don’t need to create a SingX account. All you just need to do is to add your bank details to this link!

Payment Questions

If you have any questions regarding billing or payment, please contact our wonderful Accounting Team. They are happy to assist you!