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Finding a virtual assistant can be a challenge for people looking for a specific niche like the medical field. Luckily, our team of freelancers here at FreeUp has freelance medical VA Zahra Jara on our team! 

Let’s take a look at what Zahra has to offer clients and what advice she has for others in the industry! 

Tell Us About Yourself

I was born in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates but spent most of my childhood and teenage life in Vigan City, Philippines then I moved to the City of Manila for several years to study College and started my Nursing career. 

Now that I have own my family, I’m currently residing here in Calamba CIty where I am now enjoying the benefit of being a Freelancer, having a work-life balance, and helping more healthcare industries internationally. Aside from this hustle and being a mom, I am currently taking another course at the University of the Philippines to upgrade my knowledge and skills because I believe that learning is a continuous process in life.

I love traveling, adventures, reading books, listening to podcasts, long drives, and getting active through exercise (HIIT and running) I only have simple joys in life which is my family, my dog, and nature.

Tell Us About Your General and Medical Virtual Assistant Freelancing Business

My business started out during the pandemic which was two years ago. I choose to become a Medical VA since I focused on helping those Business owners, CEOs, and Doctors who are managing the healthcare industry

I got my Nursing License last 2013 and with 9 years of competency and professionalism, I have been exposed to various roles in Healthcare Industries specifically as: Occupational Health Nurse, Emergency Room Nurse, ECU Concierge, Officer in Charge, and now, as a Clinical Coordinator. 

Any duties related to the Medical field are my primary skill set. I can do anything under the sun, such as: Handling and Managing Electronic Medical Records, Scheduling, Assessing Patients Virtually, Administrative Support, Medical Data Entry, Medication Refill, Triaging Patients, Faxing and Requesting Laboratories, Handling Calls/E-mail, and many more. 

I can work long hours just to deliver my clients quality outcomes, I am goal-oriented and results-driven, and I value my professional relationship with my clients, with constant communication, updates, and feedback it will be great teamwork to achieve the best goal that I can deliver. 

What Do You Love the Most About Freelancing With FreeUp?

What I love about FreeUp is the opportunity to be part of the top 1% of applicants in the marketplace. Another thing is the FreeUp support team, we feel valued because they have support for us 24/7. 

They help and handle us promptly and professionally and, because of this, I feel confident to strive more since FreeUp is always within our reach and willing to assist us anytime. I also love the updates that I am receiving through e-mail, FreeUp is always connected with us.

What Are the Most Important Things You’ve Learned Since Freelancing?

  1. Self-discipline: One of the advantages of being a Freelancer is to be independent. However, it is most important for you to discipline yourself to consider every day as a workday regardless of whether you are employed or not.
  2. Keep Hustling: Since I have more freedom in my time, I have more time to hustle hard, I always look forward to additional work, self-development, and discovering more skills that I can offer to my potential clients. I think being proactive will not only reward you personally but even financially.
  3. Know Your Worth: When I was an employee, I just have to accept whatever offer of salary they will put in the contract but now, I know my worth, and I understand now how to properly negotiate without the feeling of being shy. Please, do not be hesitant to charge higher if you know to yourself that you can deliver and perform a better result with your tasks. In addition, if you think that you have better qualifications and experiences than others feel free to negotiate the price. 
  4. Time Management: This is the main skill I have discovered in my freelancing journey. My time is very important and I wanted to prioritize things accordingly. Time-blocking is the top technique I use for balancing all my freelance clients and their needs and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. I maintain a planner where I keep track of what I need to do each day. At the end of every workday, I look at my tasks and meetings for the following day and write out a distinct, detailed schedule for the following day.
  5. Enjoy What You Are Doing: Mindset is the key, be grateful for every task and client you have. You can find passion in everything you do, always upgrade, be innovative and discover more, more skills you can offer. 

What Is The Key to Client Success in Your Medical VA Freelancing Business?

To be successful in my niche, it would be very helpful if you are a Medical Degree holder and has working experience in our field. It would be a plus point if you do have a working experience too in Admin and Customer Service. Having knowledge of Medical Terminology is essential too since you will work constantly with Electronic Medical Records. You will be working with Doctors and Medical Team virtually and with that communication and interpersonal skills are very important. 

You will be dealing with different tasks, being organized and efficient is another skill to become successful in my industry. Keep learning and expanding your skills. Above all, your ATTITUDE will bring you success. The drive, aspiration, and desire will be your main weapon to excel in everything you do in life.

What Are Some Things You Like to Discuss With Clients Who Are Looking For a Medical Virtual Assistant Freelancer on Initial Interviews?

When a client is looking for a Medical VA, some things I would like to talk about are his/her expectations, goals, and working hours. This will help me to understand their business and what they are aiming for a specific project.

Furthermore, I would like to discuss the vision and mission of the industry, the expected deadline, and the billing process. I would love to share my previous projects and an overview of my client's success story too.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Freelancers on FreeUp?

  1. Be the Expert in Your Niche to Find New Clients
  2. Always go for a Contract.
  3. Build a Strong Network
  4. Know the Competition
  5. Never Stop Learning
  6. Don’t take your Clients for Granted.
  7. Be Clear with your Working Hours
  8. Always Give Beyond Expected

Can You Share a Client Success Story?

I started to have my very first ever client last April 2020 and it was an awesome experience to receive remarkable feedback with a 5-star rating. This project is all about research related to Nursing, after receiving an appreciation I’ve been more motivated to do more tasks, until then I started to have different clients from Australia, the US, and Poland. 

I still continue to receive more positive feedback then afterwards, I finally met my long-term client from Chicago, USA. He is a Medical Director and a Doctor by profession. Working with him at first was a very challenging role, he always sets goals for us each day and expects us to perform at our best. In the beginning, I was about to give up but I see a bright potential and future with this opportunity.

We were about 5 on the team, there are Nurses and Doctors that I worked with, and every day our performance is being monitored. He is consistently impressed with how I delivered my quality outcome each day and I’m always on the top when it comes to our performance. Until one day, he informed me that I will be the only one to handle and manage the coordination with our patients. 

He chooses me over the 4 of my teammates after 6 months of observation with my consistency and outcomes. Now, I am happy to share that he is now my regular client, working with him for 2 years on a full-time basis. He trust my ability each day and he did not even micromanage me. I am delighted to work with him as he is a very professional and appreciative client. 

But of course, more importantly, my clients are increasing, I am accepting project-based and part-time basis since I was able to manage my time successfully. This kind of blessing is all about being hard-working, dedicated and my desire to help. I wouldn’t be here in this industry if I do not have any goals for myself and for my clients.

Being a Virtual Medical Assistant Freelancer Is Simple With FreeUp!

As you can see being a medical virtual assistant requires a lot of skill and hard work! With that said, managing clients is made easy with the help of a freelancing platform like FreeUp! 

Zahra’s passion and dedication has helped her become a successful freelancer with us. If you are interested in virtual assistant jobs don’t wait around! Click the link below to get started on your next big move!


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