Freelancers are constantly thinking about finding ways to connect and work with new clients. That’s where FreeUp comes in - we make it easy to connect with potential clients looking to work with amazing freelancers. 

Now that you have the opportunity to connect and work with new clients, how do you find a way to stand out? 

We’ve talked about spicing up your FreeUp profile in the past, but we have some more tips on how to optimize it to attract more clients. 

Remember, clients can see your profile once you are matched to their job opportunity. This first impression is where you should wow potential clients with your amazing skill set. 

Adding Links to Your Profile 

One important way to stand out to clients looking over your profile is to add example links of your work, social media links, or your LinkedIn profile to the Links section of your profile. 

While these links may not be important for all freelance industries, it is particularly important for freelancers in the graphic design, content creation, video editing, copywriting, web design, and voice talent industries. 

Sharing these links can show potential clients examples of your work as well as your work history. For example, you can show off your graphic design work through your business's Instagram page. You can also add your byline, links to the articles you wrote, or the copies you created.

Remember, do not include links to other freelancing platforms.

Maximizing Your Portfolio/CV Download

Again, portfolios may not be needed for every freelance industry, but are beneficial for some industries.  

Without a CV or portfolio, clients may pass on you because it restricts their ability to review your previous work. 

Don’t be afraid to show off your amazing work in your portfolio! That’s what your FreeUp Profile is for. 

Additionally, all freelancers who speak on the phone as part of their tasks, or offer voice talent, should upload a voice sample to their profile. 

There are two options you can choose in order to upload an audio file on your FreeUp profile: 

  1. Upload a lossless audio file (.WAV format) that can be opened by potential clients without any special software. This option would have to be hosted in a cloud that then will redirect the link to your profile 
  2. A simple .mp3 file that you can store in the FreeUp database by directly adding it to your profile. The hard file limit is 15 MB which is sufficient for an opening spiel of less than 3 minutes. If you record with your iPhone, the file size is less. 

This isn’t a requirement, but it will help create a more desirable profile if you are seeking roles that involve phone or voice communication (sales, appointment-setting, phone customer service, voice talent, etc). 

Work History

The Work History of your FreeUp Profile can also be beneficial in showing off your past work. 

For example, you can add screenshots of the results or impact of your work, graphics, links, etc to this section of your profile. 

Advertising Your Skills

Your FreeUp profile is all about you! 

You are a FreeUp freelancer for a reason - make sure that is represented on your profile. Be confident and show off those skills!