Hey everyone! I'm Garrett German

Garrett German | Director of Business Development

I'm FreeUp's Director of Business Development.

In addition to Jane, Leiden, and Joyce, I'm always available to speak with you, address any concerns, and make sure you're enjoying your FreeUp experience.

Feel free to set up a call with me using the link below or reach out to me on Skype if that's easier.

You can also email me at Garrett@FreeUp.net.



Hey there! I’m Mackenzie Lepretre

Mackenzie Lepretre | Director of Special Projects

I am the Director of Special Projects here at FreeUp.

I work on special projects to help ensure you have the best experience possible with the FreeUp system. If you have any feedback for what we can do better, I would love to hear it!

Feel free to schedule a call with me using my calendar link.



Matt Harrison | VP of Strategy

I'm Matt Harrison, FreeUp's VP of Strategy.

I work closely with Garrett, Joyce, Leiden, Jane, and the rest of the FreeUp internal team to support the marketplace's growth and daily operations.

While the others are easiest to get in touch with, I always make my calendar available in case you'd like to speak with me directly.



We are here to serve you.

Best regards,
Matt Harrison