In today’s fast paced world, we often forget to slow down and appreciate what is going on in our lives. That can be especially true for working relationships such as the freelancer/client relationship. 

A remote freelance and client relationship can sometimes feel very transactional. The client gives you a project and you work on said project until it is complete with a few interactions in between. 

It is important to show your client you are grateful for your working relationship. How can you show your appreciation to your clients remotely? 

Simply Say Thank You

Showing your clients appreciation can be as simple as saying thank you. 

During your next client meeting or phone call, simply thank your client for working with you. Alternatively, every now and then you can send them a handwritten thank you note or say thank you in your next email to them. 

Schedule a morning coffee meeting with them to voice your appreciation. 

A thank you every now and then on top of your excellent work will lead to a happy client. In turn a happy client will write a great review about your work, recommend you to a friend or colleague, or lead to being your long-term client. 

Remember, a nice thank you now and then can go a long way! 

Help Promote Their Business

Another way to show your appreciation to your clients is to help promote their business.

Start by sharing your client’s business page on your Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Share a photo of your client’s content to your story or retweet their tweets regarding new products or services. 

It’s a small gesture with a huge impact for your client’s business. 

Depending on your freelance industry, this gives you a chance to show off your own work while promoting your client’s brand. 

Send A Gift 

Show your appreciation the old fashioned way and send a gift to show your clients you are thankful for them. 

Put together a thoughtful gift and card or send a Venmo for a cup of coffee on you. 

If it is around the holiday season, mail a greeting card to their business address. 

A Nice Gesture 

Anyway you show your gratitude to your clients will be appreciated. 

Making it known that you are grateful to work with your clients is a nice gesture that could potentially lead to a long-term client relationship.