This blog will focus on one of FreeUp’s Internal Team Members, Leiden Ramirez.

Leiden is always a great resource for all of our blogs in the Knowledge Base so naturally she deserves a blog post all to herself.

We’ll cover Leiden’s background with FreeUp as well as her current role and freelance background.

What is Your Background In Freelancing?

Before I joined FreeUp, I worked as a customer service team leader in a BPO. When I finally decided to try freelancing, I worked as a data entry/lead generation specialist.

What Is Your Title at FreeUp?

Client Support Team Leader

How Long Have You Been Working at FreeUp?

4 years and 4 months, since Feb 2017

Why Is Your Role Important to Freelancers?

Although I'm now more focused on client support, I'm still able to help freelancers resolve complaints/disputes with clients. Freelancers can reach out to me when they are having issues with their clients.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About FreeUp?

Our culture.  Everyone is very helpful and professional.

If You Could Give Freelancers New to the Platform Any Advice About Working on FreeUp Specifically, What Would It Be?

 Communication is key. 

  • Always discuss expectations and estimates with clients at the onset and have everything in writing. That will help prevent potential issues and disputes.
  • Provide constant updates on projects. Clients always appreciate that.
  • If you can't work due to an internet issue or an emergency, contact LiveChat or email Someone from our team is always available and we will always work to help inform your clients.
  • Don't hesitate to reach out. From applying to projects, to working with clients, just let us know if you need anything and we're more than happy to assist! 

What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Work?

I love reading books and watching videos about personal development and finances. I also enjoy diamond painting, cooking, singing, and listening to BTS.

We Love Our Team

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