Our FreeUp Partner program is a vital part of the FreeUp community! 

Every now and then we write a spotlight blog on those partners that help make the community what it is. 

This week’s spotlight blog is on the wonderful Joyce Pegenia! 

What Is Your Background In Freelancing?

I was in the BPO industry for five years when my cousin reached out to me in 2011 and told me that they were looking for people who would love to work from home. I immediately grabbed the opportunity, left the BPO industry in a heartbeat, and started my freelancing career. I worked for a few clients before I stumbled upon a Facebook post about FreeUp in 2017. I have never gone back to the “outside world” since then. 

How long have you worked at FreeUp?

I was accepted here in FreeUp in January 2017 as a freelancer, and in September 2018, Nathan hired me to be part of the Internal Team.

How Long Have You Been A FreeUp Partner?

Four amazing months as a FreeUp Partner. :) 

What Is Your Favorite Thing About The Partner Program?

My most favorite part would be the interviews! (Would you believe that I’m an introvert?) But when I was given the opportunity to become a FreeUp Partner, I began to overcome my shyness and have loved meeting people virtually. 

Why Do You Think The Partner Program Is So Important For The Freelancers?

I genuinely believe the Partner Program has made FreeUp freelancers’ lives better. From the word itself, “Partner,” we’re like their helping hands when looking for jobs, following up on FreeUp related stuff, engaging with them, and making them feel that they are just as important as our clients. 

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Conducting Interviews?

The questions I asked the freelancers! I love how they all try their best to answer all the questions I throw at them. 

What Are Your Hobbies?

I love baking, listening to music, researching (of all sorts!), binge-watching on Netflix and HBO, and the best of them all - Online shopping! I have always loved shopping online, even before the pandemic started. I love how convenient it is to order stuff online.

Amazing Partners

Thank you to our amazing FreeUp Partners that help make FreeUp the community it is.