Hi FreeUp team! We have a special blog for you all this week. We have another Spotlight Blog.  

The Spotlight Blog features an interview with a freelancer or a member of the FreeUp team where we discuss all things FreeUp, freelancing, and some amazing tips. 

This week’s Spotlight blog is on our very own Chiqui Pangan! 

Chiqui is one of our Team Leaders and has been a part of the FreeUp internal team since it was started, five years ago. Her current role is as our Freelancer Success Team Leader

Her role is so important to FreeUp because she ensures that the freelancers have a good experience with us from start to finish as well as making sure that they can be successful. 

She has a ton of knowledge about FreeUp that we are excited to share with all of you! 

What is Your Background in Freelancing?

I started freelancing as a data entry specialist paid at $1 an hour. Then, I worked as a SEO content writer. Writing is not my strong suit, but I have a good eye for what works and what doesn’t. 

Then, I was recruited by the founders of FreeUp, Connor Gillivan and Nathan Hirsch, to join their team of Amazon virtual assistants. I had no background in e-commerce, but I picked up the ropes fast. 

I quickly rose to the role of being a trainee to a trainer and then member to Team Leader. I helped recruit and manage a team of 50 Amazon Virtual Assistants from Upwork. That was when Nate and Connor realized the hassle clients go through while recruiting. 

When Nate’s Amazon store got suspended, they decided to no longer try to get it unsuspended. He then came up with a plan to start FreeUp. First, we assembled our team of Amazon VAs. Then, Nate started reaching out to Amazon sellers in his network who were looking for VAs. 

I started as FreeUp’s first Recruitment Manager, Bookkeeper, and Client Satisfaction Manager until we grew FreeUp and found the amazing managers we have now. 

If You Could Give Freelancers New to the Platform Any Advice About Working on FreeUp, What Would It Be?

Treat your client’s business as your own. The hard truth about freelancing is no one is indispensable. So, you have to show your clients what you can really put on the table. 

Always give your best at everything you do and never stop learning new skills! 

What Changes Have You Seen During Your Time at FreeUp?

I have seen a lot of process automations during my time at FreeUp. Due to these changes, the company now is completely geared towards growth. We have made so many improvements to the platform and processes to give our freelancers and clients a better experience. 

What Is Your Favorite Thing About FreeUp?

My favorite thing about FreeUp is our culture. Everything is about communication, treating each other fairly, and helping people achieve their full potential. 

And of course, I love FreeUp because I am able to provide for my family and still be a 100% hands-on mom! 

What Are You Excited for?

I’m excited to see FreeUp reach new milestones and be the best freelancer marketplace in the world! I’m sure we will be because we have the best freelancers and the amazing leaders who will bring FreeUp to the top! 

An Excellent Spotlight Blog 

There ya have it, FreeUp Fam! We hope you enjoyed a little dive into FreeUp’s history and why we do what we do.