FreeUp’s Partner program is our mentorship program for our wonderful freelancers! 

Our success as a whole comes from our hardworking freelancers. Our partners provide mentorship, training, and guidance for all our freelancers. 

This blog will take an in depth look at the Partner Program from one of the partners themselves, Ansis Sy.

What Is Your Background In Freelancing?

My first freelance experience was actually with FreeUp. I offered gingerly and ecommerce VA services to my first few clients on the platform. 

How Long Have You Been A FreeUp Partner?

I have been helping out with FreeUp recruitment since 2017. We didn’t have a partner program yet back then. I just did interviews. I have been a partner since we started the program this year.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About The Partner Program?

Being able to give personalized assistance and guidance to my partners. Nothing beats seeing them get hired and have success on the platform. 

Why Do You Think The Partner Program Is So Important For The Freelancers?

Having a partner who personally knows the skills you offer and the challenges you are facing will be beneficial for freelancers. Partners offer personalized services to maximize freelancer success on the platform. 

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Conducting Interviews?

Getting to interact with international freelancers from different backgrounds. Everybody has a unique and interesting story.

What Are Your Hobbies?

Improv! And watching trashy, reality TV. 

Great Support

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Ansis and his role here at FreeUp!