Howdy, Partner! 

We’ve recently introduced an exciting new program for our freelancers: The FreeUp Partner Program.

What Is the Partner Program?

The Partner Program is FreeUp’s mentorship program for freelancers. Each freelancer is assigned a Success Team member (We have Ansis, Catherine, Joyce, and Kaye) once they are onboarded. You can Slack, email or setup a consultation call with your partner through their Calendly link. 

If you haven’t heard from your FreeUp Partner yet, don’t worry! All of our Partners are in the process of reaching out to each and every one of you.

If you need help and your partner has not reached out to you yet, you can email support requesting Partner Support. They will connect you with a Partner to help with any of the services we provide. 

Why Did We Start the Program?

FreeUp is not only about providing stellar support to clients; it is also about providing support to our freelancers. Our success comes from our wonderful freelancers. That being said, we wanted to revamp and expand the Success Team’s processes, so they are intertwined with our freelancer’s success on the platform. We believe successful freelancers will be pivotal to the success of FreeUp itself. Our job is to provide mentorship, training, and guidance all freelancers need to be successful. 

How Can the Program Help You?

The Partner Program is there to maximize your success on the platform. 

Your partner will proactively reach out to you once you have been onboarded and have set up your profile. We also want to see how you’re doing! 

Our Partners offer the following additional services: 

  • Read over your introduction emails to clients
  • Give your profile a review
  • Keep our eyes peeled for job opportunities

Additionally, if you get passed on a job request by an internal FreeUp member or by a client, the Partner Program is there to help coach you, so it doesn’t happen again. 

Your Success

The Partner Program is here to help you be the best freelancer you can be! So, let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience as a freelancer even better.