You’re scrolling through the FreeUp Jobs Board, and you spot it-- the perfect job request. You know immediately you're a great fit and can help the client out. 

But to land the job, you need to make sure your pitch email hits all the notes that'll get you hired.

Whether you’re writing your first introduction email or your thousandth, this guide will help make sure you’re making the most of your first impression.

We want all of our freelancers to be set up for success. That’s why we have composed a list of successful email introduction hacks proven to help win over potential clients.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into how to introduce yourself and increase your application success rate!

The Perfect Introduction Email

Your introduction email is just that-- an introduction. The first impression. And it’s a balance because you want to share enough info about yourself to show why you’re the right person without writing an “email novel” that won’t get read.

It is important to let the client know how your skills can benefit them right off the bat. Here are some ways you can make your email stand out:

  • Always reach out as quickly as possible (we have data that proves faster communication helps freelancers get hired)
  • Craft each client’s introduction with relevant information and do not use copy/paste templated emails.
    Use the client’s first name and be specific. Reference the client’s job request directly to show you’ve read and understood it
  • Make it clear to the client why you’re a good fit. Mention applicable past experiences, your portfolio, and/or tools crucial to the job ticket
  • Send a Calendly link and/or available interview times you have over the next few days
  • Remember a call to action! (You can contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or my email address

How to Include Job-Related Details

Naturally, our clients look for freelancers with a professional profile and major skills matching their job request. You want to mention how the benefits of your previous work can fulfill the client’s current needs.

Also, when listing job-related details, always remember:

  • Watch the number of links you are adding (Remember, you can add a portfolio and other fun links to your FreeUp profile!)
  • There is no need to type out your entire portfolio. Break out 1-2 pieces that are relevant to their job request
  • Make the email easy to scan by using lists, bolding key points, bullet points, etc.

Showing Your Personality

You are not only doing tasks for the client but communicating with them. Many clients want to be sure they’ll enjoy interacting with the freelancers they work with.

Let your personality shine in your introduction, so the client knows there is a real person behind your email!

How Will These Tips Help You?

You may be wondering if it’s a waste of time to craft a new, original email for each job you apply to. If you simply copy and paste the same email to send each potential client, won’t you save time and be able to apply to more jobs?

Because taking a more personalized and specific approach helps you close more deals, you’ll actually save time by putting more into your initial email.

Trying some of the new tricks mentioned above will improve your success rate, while also keeping our clients happy.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it! You know the tricks of the trade to craft a successful introduction email.

If we missed a technique that works for your industry, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will add it to the list!