Working with freelancers online is a unique experience and it's important to know who you're working with before diving in full speed. 

Below, we've provided a list of tips to keep in mind as you start working with freelancers and/or agencies through the FreeUp Marketplace. 

  1. They have other clients besides you.  Freelancers offer their services on many platforms.  Don’t try to limit them from taking other clients.  Instead set the expectation that you don’t care what other clients/projects they have as long as it doesn’t effect your projects in anyway.
  2. Only work with freelancers who love what they do as much as you love what you do.
  3. Tip for working with US freelancers.  They are business owners.  Treat it as a business to business relationship.  Have the mentality of collaboration and a lot of awesome things can happen. 
  4. Some freelancers are solo, some subcontract small tasks, others operate as an agency.  Don’t be upset about this.  Instead set the expectation of transparency.  You don’t care who does the work as long as they are honest about it and it meets your high standards when completed.
  5. Give freelancers a chance to resolve issues.  Instead of getting upset with something right away give them one chance to resolve.  Go to freelancers and explain the issue directly and clearly.  If they don’t resolve it right away then contact our support team to help.
  6. Get everything in writing, set milestones, deadlines and due dates/times.  Don’t work with freelancers that can’t hit deadlines.

Hope that this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime!