Looking for new clients for your digital business? 

You've come to the right place! 

In this quick tutorial, we'll walk you through the different steps you can take to view open projects that have been posted by clients on the FreeUp Platform and then how to apply to them to start meeting potential clients. 

First, go to the Projects page in your FreeUp account

Log into your FreeUp account and click the Projects tab at the top.

This will bring you to a page where you can view all projects that have been posted by clients and have yet to be filled. 

Browse all of the open projects using the search bar, the filters, and just by scrolling through all of the projects. 


  • Search for keywords within your expertise
  • Keep an eye on the budget submitted by the client...only apply to projects where it meets your hourly or fixed rates. 
  • Keep an eye on the location specified by the client...again, you only want to apply to ones that meet your capabilities. 
  • Only apply to projects where you are a 100% match to all of the details mentioned for the project. 

Once you've found a project that is a good fit for your expertise, click the Apply button.

You'll be brought to a modal where it explains the project again, asks you for the rate you'd like to propose to the client, and an area where you can outline why you're a good fit for the project. 

Click the Submit button and your information will be sent along to the FreeUp team. 

Very quickly, you'll hear back from the FreeUp team to (1) tell you that you're being introduced to the client or (2) asking you for more information before the introduction is made. 

Note: 50+ new projects are posted by clients every single day. Be sure to check the Projects page on your account every day so that you can see if new projects have come up within your expertise

We hope that this helps! If you ever have any questions, just reach out to us through Live Chat or email at Support@freeup.net!

Cheers :)