Did you know that 91% of workers cite that they know that they would be more effective at their jobs if they had better organizational skills? It’s true, and you’ve probably said it to yourself before! 

So, if we know we would be better if we just got a little organized, then why don’t we do it? One possible reason might be the lack of a place to start. Don’t worry though, that’s why we are here to help! 

We are going to cover the top freelancing tools you need in 2022 to take your skills from ehh…to excellent! Let’s get started! 


Picture this…You’re a freelancer, and your client is asking you to give them a play-by-play over the phone of all the new updates you have done on a project. The only trouble is they are having difficulty visualizing the progress or following along. 

It has probably happened to you before, and you end up having to book a call with your client, share your screen, coordinate meeting times, etc. Luckily there is a better option…Loom! 

Loom is an incredible freelancing tool that allows you to create videos that can be easily shared with your clients. You can record your screen, yourself or both while creating informative videos that give your clients instructions, feedback, updates, and more. 


As a freelancer, the last thing that you have time for is constantly explaining your availability and schedule. That is why having a Calendly account is essential to your success! In fact, studies show that people prefer scheduling meetings and appointments online rather than over the phone or via email. 

Calendly allows you to create custom time blocks for every day of the week that clients can view and you can open an account for free! All you have to do is select your timezone and input your availability on any given day of the week. 

From there you will receive a custom link that you can provide to clients so they can schedule out time with you at a time that is also convenient for them. 

The best part about using this kind of custom scheduling on Calendly is that you can link your Google Calendar and your Zoom accounts as well. Syncing all of these valuable tools means you will never miss another meeting again! 


Successful freelancers generally have several different clients at any given time and each of those clients will usually have passwords that they need their freelancer to have access to while they work. Unfortunately, passwords are easy to forget and carelessness with passwords can create security risks for your client. 

However, there is a solution here…Lastpass. Lastpass is a free tool that allows people to store an unlimited number of passwords and generates secure passwords for its users. With Lastpass, you can install the software on multiple devices and add extensions to your desktop. 

What really makes Lastpass great for clients and freelancers alike is the ability to share access without making the password visible. This feature allows clients to feel an added level of protection while working with their freelancers on sensitive platforms. 

Use These Tools Today! 

Now that you have the top freelancing tools you need in 2022, it’s time to put them to use! Your clients will appreciate your organization and so will your brain!

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