You’ve received an email from FreeUp and great news -- you’ve been matched to a job!

Now, it’s time for you to make the first move and introduce yourself to the client. You’ve whipped up the the perfect introduction email *chef’s kiss* that you’re sure will warrant an immediate response. 

You press send, and the waiting game begins. 

It’s been 24 hours and still no response. What should you do?

In this guide, we will dive into how to communicate strategically and effectively with your potential clients. 

How Often Should You Follow Up With Your Clients?

Here at FreeUp, we are all about communication. It is a vital skill every freelancer needs.

When you haven’t heard back from your potential client, when is it appropriate to reach out again? 

If your client has not responded to your email within one business day, it is acceptable to email them again. Make sure you are doing the following: 

  • Be sure you are emailing the client directly and not accidentally emailing the FreeUp team
  • Craft each client’s introduction with relevant information and do not use copy/paste templated emails. 
  • Your profile should be fully complete and show off your skills
  • Make it easy for the client to know when you are available for a phone or zoom meeting 

If you still haven’t heard from the client, you can follow up a few more times over the course of a month. Be sure to leave plenty of space in between each contact.

We know how frustrating it is to not hear back from a client. It can sound cliche, but your time is valuable. If you have come across an unresponsive client, keep looking! Your perfect match is out there. 

When/Where Is It Appropriate to Contact Clients?

FreeUp is different from other freelancing platforms in a lot of ways. One of them being that we do not have a messaging system through our platform. 

So how should you contact your clients? 

Once you are matched to a job, you are able to see the client’s email address. At this point, you should send an introduction via email to your client as soon as possible

Unless the client asks you to contact them somewhere else, you should only use their email address. 

When Should I Ask FreeUp For Help?

If it’s been over 1 business day and you still haven’t heard back from your client, email the FreeUp Team with the ticket number and we will help! 

Management Tools

Your time as a freelancer is money so it is important to manage your time effectively.

Help yourself by maximizing your time and your brain power by using task management apps and tools: 

Use apps like the ones listed above to keep track of your client follow ups. 

Don’t Give Up

It can be frustrating to put yourself out there with no return for your efforts, but don’t give up! The FreeUp Team is here to help.