Catherine Lee is a freelance recruiter, customer service pro, virtual assistant, and more on the FreeUp Platform. For the past six years, Catherine has perfected her skills making her one of the most highly sought-after freelancers in the FreeUp Network!

Let’s learn a little more about this impressive FreeUp Freelancer! 

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Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Catherine and I am from the Philippines. I enjoy cooking and gardening a lot. I also love watching Rom-com dramas and listening to music. 

Tell Us About Your Product Listing and Virtual Assistant Freelancing Business 

My main skills are Product Listing, Customer Service, General Virtual Assistance, and Product Research. Along the way, I learned new skills such as Lead Generation, Data mining, Social Media Management, Shopify Management, and being a freelance recruiter. 

I used to be an ESL instructor, but when I got pregnant so I decided to try freelancing. I left my day job in Ortigas back in 2016 and started looking for opportunities online. 

I was very lucky that one of my co-teachers referred me to a placement agency that caters to Amazon sellers and that’s how I landed my very first freelance client.  I have been freelancing for more than 6 years now. I treat my client’s business as my own and that has helped me build my freelancer business over the years. 

What Do You Love the Most About Freelancing With FreeUp?

I joined FreeUp sometime in 2018. My first freelance client decided to transition to a different business model so she had to let me go. 

She felt really bad that I was gonna lose my job, so she recommended me to a local Staffing agency here in the Phillippines that she used before. Since there weren’t enough jobs in that agency, one of the owners was really generous and told me about FreeUp and that’s how I learned about the marketplace.

I became part of FreeUp’s Internal team back in 2019. From Connor’s Personal Assistant to being part of the Client Support (handling groove emails and Live Chat), Ticket Matching, and now Freelancer Success or the Freelancer Recruiter Team.

I love that you do not need to worry about the competition since only the first 3-6 highly qualified freelancers will be introduced to the client. It’s super easy to land a client in FreeUp compared to other freelancer platforms. Also, the rates are way higher here.

They have 24/7 support and you got a FreeUp partner who’s ready to help you whenever you have issues or concerns. Plus, the Slack Workspace is superb! You can socialize and share ideas with other freelancers in FreeUp whenever you are online on the Slack Workspace. 

What Is The Key to Client Success in Your Virtual Assistant and Freelancer Recruiter Freelancing Business?

In order to achieve success as a virtual assistant, you need to set your goals so you know where you are headed early. Find the schedule you can work with and stick to it. Pick the clients that can and would be willing to pay you to help their business with your skills. 

Understand your client’s business: They will see you as someone who can truly help them. Build a great relationship with them. This will help you deliver quality service.

What Are Some Things You Like to Discuss With Clients Who Are Looking For a Virtual Assistant or Customer Service Freelancer During Initial Interviews?

I normally share an experience that is similar to the client’s project. I also ask the client about the project details and their expectations. I always make sure to ask about the work schedule like the number of hours and days I will be working in a week. 

What Advice Do You Have for Other Freelancers Just Getting Started on the FreeUp Platform?

The following tips:

  • Be consistent and patient
  • Be the expert in your niche
  • Be realistic when setting expectations
  • Make sure that you have a detailed profile that aligns with your skills and services. 

Can You Share a Client Success Story?

Last 2021, I had a chance to work with a TED speaker. I was able to complete the project and submitted my work on time. I can say that it was successful because she got good results from the leads I submitted. 

If You’re Interested In How to Become a Virtual Assistant or Freelance Recruiter Look No Further! 

As Catherine has shown us, becoming a freelance recruiter, customer service agent or virtual assistant is easy with the FreeUp Platform! Catherine’s skills and dedication have given her a thriving new career. So, if you are ready to start your own journey then reach out to our FreeUp Support team today! 

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