Since 2018 CJ Dacaimat has worked on the FreeUp Marketplace as a freelance content writer, virtual assistant, and SEO freelancer. It is her first and only role in the freelancing world as she has grown immensely since her start. 

Today we take a look into how CJ’s role has evolved within the FreeUp network and we learn how she has become such a success! So, if you’re looking to learn how to become a freelance writer, or how to become a virtual assistant, then let’s jump right in! 

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Tell Us About Yourself

I was born and raised here in Baguio City, what you might call a true blue Baguio girl and I am still presently staying here. During my downtime, I watch movies, Netflix series, documentaries, or even random YouTube videos. Sometimes, I learn worship songs using my ukulele or dabble in calligraphy. When the mood strikes, I read a book.

Tell Us About Your Virtual Assistant Freelancing Business

I can write articles, emails, or letters. I can also do editing or proofreading.

My only experience in freelancing is with FreeUp and I have been with FreeUp since 2018. I began as an English teacher for college and high school and was even employed in a government office. 

But I had to leave the corporate world and lean on freelancing with regards to time and as a lucrative financial resource. Freelancing has allowed me to work from home and at the same time take care of the increasing medical needs of my son. 

He has a rare neurodegenerative disease that is slowly taking away his ability to see and hear, that quickly zaps out his strength while doing normal everyday activities, and that has complicated his urinary system because now I have to give him peritoneal dialysis every day for three times a day. Freelancing at FreeUp is enjoyable, challenging, and fulfilling.

What Do You Love the Most About Freelancing With FreeUp?

What I love about FreeUp is its culture. The working environment is challenging but the stress level is made manageable because of warm camaraderie, great support, and timely assistance. At FreeUp, there is so much room to grow and family is a priority.

What Are the Most Important Things You’ve Learned Since Freelancing?

I first started in FreeUp working as an assistant in the FreeUp blog. When FreeUp shifted gears, I was transferred to Client Support where I learned to expand my comfort zone. I do Live Chat, answer Groove emails, handle client-freelancer issues, and do assigned projects.

What Advice Do You Have for Other Freelancers Just Getting Started on the FreeUp Platform?

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24

Being a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer Content Writer Is Simple With FreeUp

CJ has given us a deeper understanding of what it takes to become a virtual assistant or even a freelance content writer. With hard work and dedication, you can create the business model that works for you on the FreeUp Marketplace today! 

So, are you ready to learn how to become a virtual assistant? Look no further than right here! Click the link below and apply to be a freelancer today! 

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