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Tell Us About Yourself

I love to spend time at the cottage or traveling on vacation. I also enjoy working out daily by way of yoga, barre, HITT, or cycling. My main skill set is online business manager and event management. 

My sub skillsets are HR support, project management, management, organization, accounting, administrative support, and marketing. I have been freelancing for over a year now. I decided to start freelancing because I had searched for a job for a few years and never truly found a job that called to me. 

When I came across the option of becoming a freelancer, I did so much research and really honed in on my skill set. I wanted to make sure I truly enjoyed what I was doing and what clients I was working with

Tell Us About Your Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager Freelancing Business

My business started out of pure passion for wanting to help business owners that were too busy to handle those little tasks so they could focus on the big tasks. During discovery calls, that is where I learned the most about their business and was able to help craft a plan. 

It takes time to figure out your business and what you want to offer. But once you find your niche, you can run with it. Plus, you end up picking up many new skills along the way and skills you didn't even realize you had.

What Do You Love the Most About Freelancing With FreeUp?

FreeUp is wonderful and they truly care about you as a freelancer. They take the time to get to know you and your business in the beginning. They take care of you when you have issues with a client. 

FreeUp explains their billing processes, they are constantly listening on Slack and always finding ways to make their platform better. I am so glad I found FreeUp and took the leap. Other platforms do not compare to FreeUp. They have a strong support staff that is always working tirelessly and wanting to make sure your emails are answered.

What Are the Most Important Things You’ve Learned Since Freelancing?

The most important thing I have learned is that I can do it. I can do hard things, I push through difficult times, and even if the door keeps closing in my face, 

I remember that that client was right for me. It took some time to find the clients I am working with now and looking back at how many times I was told no or no thank you. I would have quit. But the thing is, I didn’t. I kept pushing forward with two kids at home and working through all of my discovery calls. Once I finally was able to find my amazing clients, I was so happy. 

Communication is the BIGGEST way to work with your client. If you are not  sure with a task or email, you must ask. You can't assume and hope you understand the task. I have come across so many times and realized, I just need to jump on a zoom call or the phone, and ask for more details. If you do not ask, you do not know. Continue to ask questions and use your resources.

What Is The Key to Client Success in Your Virtual Assistant and Social Media Management Freelancing Business?

You must be willing to listen, learn, grow and develop. You cannot stay stagnant. Clients are always wanting to grow with the times and now more than ever, we must continue to do that.

What Are Some Things You Like to Discuss With Clients Who Are Looking For a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Managing Freelancer during Initial Interviews?

 A few questions I always ask…

  1. What are your pain points throughout the week?
  2. What tasks are weighing you down?
  3. What do you feel you need the most help with?
  4. Tell me about your business?
  5. Tell me about your day-to-day?

What Advice Do You Have for Other Freelancers Just Getting Started on the FreeUp Platform Who Are Interested In Virtual Assistant Jobs?

Just keep applying. Keep following up and keep asking lots of questions. It takes time to find the right client you will connect with. 

I applied many times with dead ends or not the best experience from the discovery call. But in the end, I learned a lot and I just kept moving forward. 

Can You Share a Client Success Story?

 About a year ago, I was applying with different clients and I had the opportunity to do multiple discovery calls. I ended up speaking with a client and instantly clicking. 

She was only looking for basic administrative work and she ended up deciding after we spoke, that she wanted to go in a whole new direction and bring me on as an executive assistant plus event manager. 

This was a dream come true! I was so excited to start working with her because my initial email to her was detailed about my experience and I was able to explain my background.

Virtual Assistant Freelance Work and Social Media Management Is Simple With FreeUp

The benefits of becoming a virtual assistant or social media manager on FreeUp are endless. As Kristina has shown us when you take your career into your own hands with the support of a company like FreeUp you can take control of your growth! 

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