FreeUp's founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan started FreeUp after years of frustration hiring from other online platforms. 

Over and over, they ran into the same frustrations:

Too much time to meet and hire

With the other platforms, they found themselves posting a job, getting overwhelmed by 25+ applicants, and having to spend hours interviewing and vetting before making a hire. It took too much time away from them building their business.

Too much turnover

On the other platforms, even when they found someone that they liked and hired, they ran into far too much turnover. They had many instances where the person they hired would work for a certain period of time then drop off the face of the earth. They then had to go back to step 1 and post another job. 

No one to talk to

Finally, when they ran into issues with using the hiring platforms, they were frustrated that they never had anyone to talk to. It was difficult to get in touch with an actual person at the other hiring platforms and they always felt on their own when it came to dealing with issues and trying to best use the software. 

After years of running into these same 3 frustrations, they decided to start FreeUp. 

FreeUp is different from Upwork and the other hiring platforms out there in the following ways. 

FreeUp pre-vets every single freelancer allowed into the network

FreeUp receives thousands of applications from freelancers that want to join the platform every single week. 

FreeUp puts each one of them through a unique application, interview, and testing process then only allows the top 1% of applicants into the FreeUp network. 

For clients, you gain immediate access to this pre-vetted pool of top talent from around the world. 

FreeUp introduces you to 1 candidate at a time

Once you create your free account, you post a request for the person you're looking to hire.

Your request is received by the FreeUp Team and then you are introduced to 1 qualified candidate at a time until you find the best person for your work. 

You don't have to worry about dealing with 25+ applicants every time you post a job. 

Simply submit your request and within 1 business day, get introduced to qualified applicants for your work. 

FreeUp has a no turnover guarantee

In the rare case that a freelancer has to quit your project, FreeUp will replace them immediately and cover any replacement costs that you incurred. 

We know how damaging turnover can be. We don't want to see you take any steps back in your business. 

There is ALWAYS someone to speak with

The FreeUp Team is available to talk with you 7 days a week through Live Chat, email at, and via phone, if you prefer. 

You can also set up a 30-minute meeting with one of our Account Managers at any time to learn more about FreeUp and get any questions answered that you have. 

FreeUp is all about making the online hiring process more efficient, more reliable, and more customer-friendly. 

We hope that this information has helped to distinguish how FreeUp is different from the other platforms out there!