Here at FreeUp, we do our best to vet both our freelancers and our clients. However, with so many users using our platform, issues can still arise.

In this blog, we will cover what actions to take if a client wants to work outside of FreeUp and general freelance internet best practices. 

Freelancer Internet Best Practices

It is important to protect yourself, your business, and your information while working online. 

Here are a few of our best internet safety practices: 

  • Trust your gut - if you have a strange interaction with a client please submit a report here
  • Only communicate with clients from the FreeUp platform 
  • Stay alert - make sure you are only interacting with FreeUp team members with an email

Trust Your Gut

While we have our own verification processes in place, we also rely on your help and vigilance to keep this marketplace a safe place for freelancers.

There is an easy way for freelancers to report a client or job request that seems “off,” potentially fraudulent, or violates the Terms of Use. 

To report a client or job request to the FreeUp team, there is a “Report Client” button in the Freelancer Dashboard in TimeClock. 

This can be found when you click on the “Requests” link at the top of your Dashboard. From there, click on the “Manage Requests” button for the client/job request you’d like to report. Clicking on “Report Client” will take you to the form linked above. 

You’ll be asked to provide the Job Request number, as well as information about what you think is “off” about the client or request. Once submitted, this report will be immediately sent to the FreeUp team so we can launch a swift investigation. 


With that being said, working off of the FreeUp platform with a client is a treacherous path to take. It is the easiest way to become involved in a scam. 

FreeUp cannot provide mediation if you come across these situations off of the platform: 

  • Payment disputes
  • Not receiving payment for your work or getting paid in a fraudulent manner (fake checks etc.)
  • Clients that ghost you 
  • Rude or aggressive clients

These situations can arise a lot more easily off of FreeUp and you should be alarmed if a client asks you to work with them elsewhere. 

What Action Should You Take If a Client Wants to Take You Off-Platform?

If a client wants to work with you outside of the FreeUp platform, you should reach out to the FreeUp Support Team immediately. This action is against our Terms of Use and is grounds for immediate removal from the platform. You can use the “Report Client” feature in the TimeClock Dashboard or email! 

If you do choose to work off of FreeUp the client, that is grounds for immediate removal from the platform for both parties involved. 

If a client REALLY wants to take you off-platform and there is no fear of a scam, there is a way to do it without breaking the Terms of Use. 

A buyout is the only exception where we allow a client and freelancer to do billing outside of FreeUp. The following conditions must be met in order to proceed with a buyout: 

  • The freelancer must agree
  • FreeUp is not responsible if the freelancer quits or causes any other issues after the buyout is agreed upon. The buyout is nonrefundable
  • The client and the freelancer are agreeing to hire or work together outside of FreeUp. However, the freelancer is still still a part of the FreeUp network and may get other clients through the platform if they desire 
  • The freelancer cannot drop any current FreeUp clients or projects until they are complete

If you both would like to proceed, both parties must fill out a form: 

Bottom Line 

You should be wary of clients wanting to work with you outside of FreeUp unless they are willing to complete the buyout process. If you feel like client interaction is strange, trust your gut and report them using the Report Client feature.