If you are looking to hire remote freelancers to your business, any type of business from anywhere in the world can use the FreeUp platform, . 

In year 1, FreeUp mainly catered to sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. 

In year 2, FreeUp expanded to work with companies within the eCommerce industry. 

In year 3, FreeUp started with marketing companies, influencers and coaches.

Today, FreeUp services over 15,000 businesses from Amazon sellers to digital marketing agencies to online influencers and real estate agents. 

The list of industries continues to grow every day as more and more business owners learn about the power of the FreeUp hiring platform.

If you have a special type of business and are curious about how you could tap into FreeUp for your growth, reach out to us via Live Chat, by email at Support@FreeUp.net or set up a time to chat with one of our founders. 

Always here to help!