Dealing with clients can be a bit of a mixed bag. It is important to try to resolve issues with clients, however, we know some issues can’t always be solved easily or at all. 

In this blog, we will cover how and when you should terminate a client contract on FreeUp.  

How Should You Try Remedy Issues with Clients Before Terminating the Contract?

The easiest way to remedy client issues is to just avoid them all together.

The most common reasons freelancers terminate contracts with their clients:

  • Emergencies 
  • Availability issues 
  • Not responding within one business day, quality issues, etc.

Some issues, such as emergencies, are unavoidable. However, it is important to keep your client informed and communicate with them throughout the issue to avoid terminating contracts. 

Communication is an extremely important tool for freelancing. Most issues can be avoided just by having an efficient communication process with your clients. Discuss how many hours per day/week you should be working, rate, etc before agreeing to work together. These conversations can save you from a major headache down the road.

Making sure you and the client are a good fit before working together is another important element to ensure you complete the project without any hiccups.

How Do You Terminate Client Contracts on FreeUp? 

If you are experiencing an issue with your client that simply cannot be resolved, you first need to fill out the Client Change Request Form. It is important to share all information that is relevant to the issue so we can help you both. 

If the client has outright violated FreeUp’s Terms of Use, please contact the FreeUp Support as soon as possible. 

You should never have a conversation with your client about terminating the contract. Please leave the mediation to the FreeUp Support Team. 

If you are terminating the contract due to an abusive or aggressive client, please let us know immediately.

What Happens When a Contract Is Terminated?

If the decision to terminate a client contract is made, FreeUp will cover the replacement cost. 

Once that has been completed, the professional relationship between you and the client is done. However, we appreciate it if you are able to offer some hours to train and onboard your replacement to ensure a smooth transition. 

Then you are free to apply for other job tickets on the Jobs Board

Do Your Best

At FreeUp, we want both our clients and freelancers to have a good experience on the platform. Our support team does our best to mediate problems that may arise for the best possible outcome. That being said, extra help doesn’t hurt. Please do your best to avoid issues with clients and be the best freelancer you can be!