As a remote freelance worker, it’s easy to get caught in the circle of continuous work. However, studies show that taking a vacation can improve your mental health and improve your work performance.

So, what should you do? Plan a vacation, of course! There are a few extra steps to take as a freelancer to have a stress-free break from work, but don’t worry if you are unsure where to start!

We have the expert’s guide to planning your vacation as a freelancer. Let’s take a look! 

Communicate With Your Clients 

Think about your traditional 9-5 workplace standards for taking a vacation. Generally, your trip is planned out months in advance, and your coworkers are prepared to help pick up the slack while you are away. However, working solo as a freelancer… Things are going to be a little different! 

Your clients are dependent on you for a multitude of reasons. As a freelancer, you are likely managing most of their daily tasks such as email management, outreach, social media, etc., so if you are going to be away for an extended period, it is crucial that you communicate with your clients early on

Let your clients know that you will be gone for “x” amount of time. Then fill them in on the tasks you will have completed before your time off and the tasks you will complete upon your return to give them the full context of what to expect. Be sure to clearly communicate how you have been managing the tasks so they won’t feel completely overwhelmed or lost during your away time. 

If necessary, see if there are any projects or tasks you can outsource for your clients while you are away. Just be sure to be upfront with your clients about who will be completing the projects while you are away. 

Manage Tasks While You Are Away 

Some vacations are more involved than others, so if you plan a short trip or a mini-vacay, consider only slightly unplugging from your daily grind! For example, you can use content scheduling tools like Hootsuite to pre-schedule content for your clients while you relax on the beach! 

Hootsuite allows you to arrange content scheduling for up to 10 social media profiles on their basic plan, so you can manage your client’s social media needs ahead of time rather than taking time out of your day to post.  Another excellent tool for managing tasks while you are away is OFFTIME. 

This platform allows you to schedule blocks of uninterrupted time throughout the day, and the software monitors the analytics of your phone usage. Consider using OFFTIME to block off time during your trip that you want to be 100% distraction-free so you can really unplug and maintain focus when it’s time to get a little work done on your trip. 

Prepare Your Tools 

Whether you are doing a complete unplug for your vacation or you are just working here and there, it is essential to back up your computer, phone, tablet, etc., before you hit the beach! You won’t want to risk losing your important data if you lose your devices while traveling. 

If you are on a working vacation, you must prepare for WiFi (or lack thereof) while you are away. Many vacation spots are notorious for having terrible internet speeds. Consider using a WiFi mapping service while you travel to look up available WiFi hotspots you can connect to if needed. 

You will also want to consider getting your inbox in line before you begin your trip. Nothing is worse than constant notifications while you are trying to relax! There are several options to choose from to get organized, including The SaneBox inbox manager

SaneBox allows you to organize your inbox into specific categories, upload attachments to a cloud, snooze messages, and more. Best of all, there are a variety of pricing plans for every budget. 

Other Things to Note 

Getting all the details right before your trip will save you the headache of playing catch up when you get back, or worse…putting out fires while you are on vacation! One crucial detail to take care of is your email. 

Be sure to set up an away message for your email that lets people know when you will be gone and for how long. Also include an alternative contact person in the away message if applicable to the client. Of course, if you are having a working vacation, you might want to have a response that indicates you are on a trip and might be a little slower to respond than usual.

Creating a Trello Board is another great way to manage tasks while you are away. Keeping all of your tasks organized by what needs to be done before you leave, during your trip, and right when you get back will keep your mind clear but tasks complete! 

Pack Your Bags…It’s Vacation Time!

Now that you have all the tips for planning your vacation as a freelancer, you can get started on your well-deserved vacation! Just remember, as a freelancer who represents FreeUp, you always want to keep communication clear with your clients and with FreeUp! 

If you ever need any assistance with managing your clients, meeting deadlines, or scheduling time away, be sure to contact the support team at FreeUp by emailing!